Why Mobile Phone Shops Baffle Me

My orange phone contract is up for renewal in January 2012, but they’ll allow me to upgrade early in October 2011.
I went into a main high street branded shop to check when i could get a new phone. They quickly stated it was October 2011. Then the guy said give me a minute off he scuttled innto the back room and came out and said i can do you a new contract today. But there was a few things to mention

1: £125 would be the cost to buy my self out of my contract.

2: I would need to trade in my Samsung i5800 for £70.

Strange thing is my phone only cost me £80 around 4 months ago.  but this still left me with £55 to buy out of my contract. I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy S not the new II version though. The contract was going to give me 1200 minutes and unlimeted texts, even though i told the guy that i only needed around 500 minutes.

I stat there for a while and said that i wasn’t keen on having to still pay £55 to get out of my contract. He went away again then came back and said, if i give you £125 for your Samsung i5800 this will let you buy yourself out of your contract., but i can only do this for today.

I tried to get the monthly payments down to £30 instead of £35 that he insisted on, but then he could only give me £30 for my phone.

Anyway i came away empty handed but if you stand firm i think that you can really screw these guys down if you don’t get confused with all the facts and figures

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