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Do I need a Macro lens ?

Well it depends if you’ve got a stash of spare cash cheaper 2nd hand macro lenses can be picked up on eBay for around £150. I have a Canon 450d so have based all my info on Canon lenses or Canon EF fit.

So heres a few  from Jessops of true macro lenses that are available new:

Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens £329

Canon EF 50mm f2.5 Macro £228

Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro USM £399

As you can see you needs to have at least £220 and thats the cheapest one.

Since i wasn’t sure what to expect and really i just wanted some close up pictures of my marine fish i wasn’t prepared to fork out so much money. So after trawling through ebay i found a basic magnifier that will screw onto the end of your lens.

It was only £10 so thought it was worth a gamble.

Here’s the first few pictures i’ve taken, i think that a tripod will help get sharper pictures.

Xbox Controller

Xbox Controller

Breastfeeding Pillow

breastfeeding pillows can be around £42 for a fancy one, but all you really need is a V shaped pillow from Argos.

Breast Feeding pillow

These are just as got when your in the home as you can have one side of the pillow round your side where you can either lay your arm or rest your baby if your feeding from the side rather than the front.

Its so much easier using this £7 pillow from Argos over trying to pile multiple pillows on top of one another to find the ideal posture

Belly Belts & Belly Bands

During the early months of pregnancy you tend to grow out a lot and might find that your favourite jeans are tight to button up or just won’t do up at all. This is where Belly bands come in to play, instead of using a hair bobble to keep your jeans fastened you can use a Belly Belt.

They are a genius idea and look a lot more fashionable than a scraggly hair bobble that’s about to snap.

Invented by an Australian, these little Belly Belts are officially endorsed by the Australian Society of Independent Midwives, which really does prove there worth. You might also want to look at Belly Bands which will help conceal your new Belly Belt, as they will totally cover it but they are quite discrete if you have a longer t shirt or top on.

Belly Belt

Belly Belts are great as you can keepo wearing your favourite jeans or trousers for a lot longer before you need to swap in to maternity clothing sized jeans. Belly Belts can be bought for around £15 from Bumps Maternity Wear.

Fashionable affordable maternity clothes from Bumps Maternity

Cost To Run Water Tank

After my previous post on the cost of running storage heaters, i thought i would do a post on the costs of running a water tank.

Since i have a Economy 7 tariff my water heater only come on at night after 12pm, on average my meter only rises by 5Kwh to re heat the water tank back to 40OC, i usually have a 2 showers a day and the tank has a water capacity of 206 litres.

If i don’t use the water heater on a evening then the water tank will do me for around 2/3 days  before it to cold to use. I haven’t tried raising the temperature up to 50OC as 40OC tends to be hot enough for me.

If i use the immerson heater it still takes 2/3 hours to heat a cold tank but it will be more expensive.