TV Licensing Bring It !

When i moved in to my current place, one of the first things i did was transfer the TV License via the web back in October 09. In December 2009, i got a letter saying that my property was unlicensed so i rang the automated line and changed the address.

Anyway Ive just had another letter saying how the TV detecting man will be coming round at any time night or day or even ON the weekend ( oh the horror), come in the daytime you dicks, I’ll be at work so the TV won’t be on and they’ll be no one in so you’ll of wasted your time. But if you want to sit out side waiting for me at 10.30am whilst I’m at work, could you wash the windows for me please as they are getting a bit shitty, and since i bought my TV license i can’t afford to get my windows cleaned(i’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine) 🙂

In fact by coming on the weekend i can show you my license and probably dig out a phone bill which will prove i rang you and give you a duration of the call, so that’s my confirmation of your commodore 64 not changing shaft all on any record.

I’ve found a picture of one of your vans and a man, so i’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you

One thought on “TV Licensing Bring It !”

  1. Really sorry to hear that you’ve incorrectly received letters, I’d like to look into this for you ASAP.

    If you send your licence number and address details to the inbox, then we’ll try and sort this for you.

    Look forward to hearing from you,
    TV Licensing Support

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