Teesside Karting

Come Saturday morning I’ll be up at Teesside Karting with around 5 other mates taking part in an iron man event. Basically you get a 20 minute practise / qualify so your best lap places you on the grid, and then a 40 minute race.

I’ve been around here loads of times and usually its really good, apart from when i went around 1 year ago and it was an evening race and it was chucking it down. Having never raced in the wet i wasn’t sure what to expect.

As i left the pit lane my first thought was don’t go and bin it on the first corner, i pondered around for what seemed like 5 minutes and i was been over taken left right and centre. As i was busy thinking about this i managed to stick the Kart onto the grass about 15 meters out and the grass was wet & boggy and my feet where wet and sinking quick while trying to drag my cart out.

The flag soon dropped to signal end of qualifying, little did i expect to be at the back of the grid. When we started everyone shot off and i was left chugging along. After a few laps i went into the pit and said there was something wrong with my Kart as I kept spinning on corners. The Marshall told me i was running with my left foot on the brake all the time, i argued i wasn’t and went back out after binning it again badly, i thought i might just be going to slow, so i sped up and people still had more straight line speed than me. So off i trundle into the pit, oh you’ve got a flat rear tire mate, THANKS, i came in and said it wasn’t right in qualifying and you said i was running with my foot on the brake . After about 10 minutes i was back out in another kart and it was so different it handled well it went quick. i Reckon i only had around 10 minutes in this kart as it went so quick time wise, but when we finished i was pulling identical times to my other mates.

Lets hope for fine weather on Saturday when i go.

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