Teesside Karting Part 2

Saturday soon came around and before i knew it we where at Teeside Karting.

After the briefing we where all told to jump into karts, there was 5 of us and 10 other people. All the Karts where running or so i thought, i jumped into one and both engines had died, so i quickly jumped into another whilst others where leaving the pit lane. Sods law it only had one engine running with more people slowly leaving the pits i was getting a bit anxious, i manged to get a Marshall over to start the other engine, the thing is i had to wait what seemed a life time while he warmed it up.
I soon got out on track, there was people pussy footing around everywhere and i seemed to be over taking people left right and centre. as soon as i got on to the straight i was weaving around to try and get some heat into the tyres, qualifying soon ended.

When i went through the flag, i could see everyone else lining up awaiting to be put on to the grid. When i joined the queue, i noticed i was pretty much at the back. I was only stanionary for around 10 seconds before i was pointed at, i looked over to the grid and saw 2 karts on it, so i pointed at myself in disbelief and the guy nodded at me and of i went to the front row. Strange that my mate pallister was 4th and hutch 5th, james was around 9th as he was at leas 1 full row behind and jim was even further back.

When the flag went up i saw the 2nd place guy’s kart move forward, so i put my foot on the brake and built the revs up on the cart a bit, revving the bollocks out of them doesn’t always help. Of we shot into the first corner i was on the outside and managed to keep pallister at bay. i eventually let him past on the 2nd lap as i could clearly see that he was quicker than me. Within moments we where lapping the people at the back, over taking them in honest wasn’t that bad as they where so far back they where shit and you could just nip past them. it became more troublesome when your going from 10th upwards as they where all scrapping between them selves and you often find 2 to 3 karts together. I manged to get over take a few easily but some are more aware that your there, and i usually find that hiding behind them is the best option as they cant hear you and they can’t see you, and then just wait till you’ve had a nice tow from them slouch in the seat listen to the engine pick up and pull out.

This was my best karting experience has i had ultimate faith in the cart and had it planted round both big corners. The first one was awkward as i had to let the kart slide out but i knew that i could keep it pined through the little chicane.

Below is a copy of the final results. 81KM/H is 50MPH

Go Karting Results

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