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Gears And Tears BBC1

Gears and Tears on BBC 1 is following 2 rival teams that compete in the BriSCA F1 Stock Cars.

I’ve never been to a Stock Car race so cant really comment on that part, but from the footage that the BBC shows seems to show high tensions and a fun and friendly environment.

The program focuses around 2 familys who have a rivally between each other, The Smiths From Lancashire and the Wainman’s from Yorkshire, not far from me in there home town of Silsden if i remember rightly.

I’ve never really known much about stock cars but Gears And Tears covers it all, from Pre race prep to the end of the race where everything’s crumpled.

Gears And Tears is definitely worth a watch on the iPlayer now.

Go Frankie Wainman Jnr

Leeds United 4 Lincoln City 0 : Carling Cup 1st Round

Basicly we gave them a right kickin.

It was always going to be an easy match. but i was slightly worried in the last 15 minutes as they kept shoting and although a few went over and wide Kasper Schmeichel did a great job of catching a few and saving some decent shots.

I’m glad Grayson Played him as he’s going to be the rock of the team this season, he knew when to tell the team to slow the pace up and when to push up and he was always shouting at them and waving his arms. When one of their blokes Tripped over, the was busy talking to the ref.

There fans where slightly noisey to start with but after the first 2 goals in under 10 minutes we didn’t hear another peep from them all night.

Heres some pre match footage

Heres The last go we got from the penalty spot

F1’s Corrupt & Bent

This is mainly aimed at Ferrari and Jean Todt the FIA President.

Back in 2007 Mclaren where hit with a $100million fine and got stripped of Constructors championship points, which also saw them in a smaller pit garage in 2008. This was all for allegedly pinching some of Ferrari’s technology in the “Spygate” scandel. Ok so they won the drivers championship, but they had to prove that there was no Ferrari Tech in the 2008 car.

Ferrari recently gave Fellipe Massa a coded message in order to let Alonso past as Ferrari wanted to keep him in the championship chase.

Heres the FIA ruling on it.

Article 39.1 of the sporting regulations, which states that “team orders which interfere with a race result are prohibited”, and Article 151 (c) of the International Sporting Code, which outlaws “any fraudulent conduct or any act prejudicial to the interests of any competition or to the interests of motor sport generally”.

Massa’s race engineer gave the following message

“Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?”

That sounds like “Let Him Past” to me and everyone else listening. And you’ve just fixed the championship cheers lads

Anyway they have been fined $100,000 US dollars, which is a piss in a puddle to Ferrari. But it not surprising that they’ve had nothing serious happen to them since there ex team manger Jean Todt is the FIA President.

Ok they have a World Motorsport meeting before he next race at monza, but in all seriousness will anything happen ?

Michael Schumacher / Rubens Barrichello What could of happened in Hungary 2010

I’m sure that everyone has there own opinion of how dangerous the Schumacher blocking defense was when Rubens over took him for 10th place.  Me it was recluse from such an experienced driver who knows better but is such a dirty driver.

Rubens clearly got a good tow in the slip stream of Michael, and Schumy was looking for him as you could see him look in his mirrors. It’s one thing to move over slightly, and then another to nip him up against the pit wall.

Heres a clip from Youtube

Now look at another similar incident.  Schumacher and Barrichello’s could off been so much worse as Rubens would of been pinned against the wall and Rubens wouldn’t of been able to do anything.

If Schumacher had of done this on a normal piece of track, then it wouldn’t of been that bad as the danger would of been removed.

Michael Schumacher has already been slapped with a 10 place grid penalty for Monza, but in fairness this isn’t really that much. If they can change an engine to get out of it then they will or even try and start him from the pit plane.

McLaren Promo Video Fail “Our heroes, past and present – Button, Hamilton and Senna’s MP4-4”

I’ll start with the positives.

This promo video is a great insight into Mclarens winning pedigree, it shows Jenson and Lewis going through loads of championship winning cars. In this picture below you can see the following Mclaren Cars from back to front MP4/4 MP4/5 MP4/5b MP4/6.

Row of Mclarens

All of these are F1 championship winning cars, all driven by Senna.

You also get to see how much more involvement the driver had in driving the car like manual stick shift gears and limited options on the steering wheel.

If you watch the video you’ll see how excited both Mclaren Drivers are to be looking round the old cars and comparing them to todays F1 car the MP4 25.

around 23 seconds in its nice to see more recent cars in the silver / chrome livery

The only thing that lets everything down is why isn’t it streamed or recorded in HD come on. Why oh why does such a big name like Mclaren ruin a great Promo vid by not recording it in HD.

Schumacher Vs Alonso Arguement

At the weekend it was Monaco GP and usually nothing major happens. Well 2010 was filled with accidents so the Safety car was out quite a lot.

Within the last 5 laps of the race the safety car was still out and on the last lap the lights went out on the safety car. This is where the (Overtake) took place, Schumacher went up the inside of Alonso on the last corner.

In years gone by you couldn’t over take until you had crossed the start finish line, but also the lead car would take control of the trailing pack, he would usually back them up really tight in the last few corners of the lap and on the last corner at the drivers discretion he would give it a boot full usually catching everyone out.

Anyway this year they have a white line  near the pit entrance which is your marker for been allowed to overtake. So Schumacher should of been allowed to overtake.

Alonso Over Line

Below is a snippet of the rule

“Article 40.13 of the FIA F1 Sporting Regulations states, “If the race ends while the safety car is deployed, it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking.””

Strangely enough this year at each race there is an experienced F1 driver present, who will give there opinions to the marshalls, oh it was Damon Hills turn. Some say that its revenge but he states that he wasn’t aware it would be him giving the penalty.

Here’s Ross Brawn given loads of evidence to prove that he was right.