Sky Buy F1 Rights BBC Can Only Afford Half

I’ve watched F1 since i was a tiny little boy and I’ve also been to many British GP from around 1998 to maybe 2003, I can remember when ITV Bought the rights in the 90’s. ITV Broad-casted F1 from 1997 to 2009, which is when the BBC got a 5 year deal.

The BBC’s coverage over the past 2 years has been beyond expectation with the driver tracker and all sessions been streamed live on the BBC website. But in 2012 its all due to change.

Sky will broadcast everything Races, Qualy & Practise and the BBC will show HALF the races so around 12 races not 1/2 a race duration. As well as the Qualy and Practise sessions. But the will show key F1 races like British Monaco and the final race. What happens if i want to watch India and the BBC don’t show it then i shit out i guess.

I should be glad that the BBC has some of the races but i’m not going to be signing up to Sky to watch the other races.

The BBC has really shit out here i’m sure that they could of got the extra funding to buy all of the broadcasting rights.

Sky are saying that it brings F1 to a wider audience but everyone in the UK can watch F1 and i’m sure that the BBC also sell the broadcasting rights to other countries so that they can watch it.

So anyone in the UK that doesn’t have sky is going to be having a dilemma right now.

My thoughts i’ll probably watch the BBC showings but that will be it and i probably wont be 1/2 as interested as i would be normally.

Please sign the petition by following this link Keep Formula 1 Free To Air in the UK

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