Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine Won’t Spin

Recently I came a across a problem with my new Samsung WF80F5E0W2W Bubble Washing Machine. It had been working fine for around 2 months with varying loads of type and weight been thrown into it and it been fine.

Anyway the other day is was loaded with complete bedding set for a single bed and 1 pillow.

We had been used to a older style washing machine where it would just work whatever the conditions.

Anyway it washed fine but it hadn’t spun so everything was still wet, we put it on a spin but it just rev’d and whirred but never spun at the 1200 it was meant too. It would complete the spin cycle but never spin. We tried this a few times and it never spun. I tried taking everything out and trying different spin speed and it was still the same.

We left the washer turned off and empty for 1 day and when we used it next it span fine.

Eventually we got a samsung repair guy out and he said that the new digital washers are really sensitive to the loads that they have in them, so if it feels like its off balance (with a heavy object on one side) it won’t spin. The washer may go back and forth in an attempt to dislodge the items that are stuck and to re balence its self.

He said the best thing to do is keep putting it on a spin cycle, if this doesnt work after 3 attempts to remove 1/2 of the load loosen the remaining washing and put on a spin cycle.
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15 thoughts on “Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine Won’t Spin”

  1. My washing machine wont spin. I try to off and try again… To wash is ok but it wont spin. Please give idea what i gonna do? Thanks hope u answer me

  2. This has JUST happened to me. Which is why I googled it. First time ever I machine wash a pillow and it won’t spin. Just trying my third attempt….

  3. Mine did the same just now, hence the google. I washed a throw and some towels. The towels were tangled up in the throw and I guess they all just weighed too much in a single spot. I took the throw out and just spun the towels and all is good. I wish they put this in the manual though!

  4. This can happen if you have a single heavy item in the washer. I had 1 bathmat in that held a lot of water thus weighing a lot but the sensors in the machine could not cope and refused to spin it. Added more load and it was OK

  5. Thank you so much for posting this info Rory. Saved us the hassle of phoning the dealer. Thought we had a major problem and just before Christmas as well 🙂

  6. Hi have the same problem not spinning, it get stuck on 9 minutes to go. Thanks for the advise, just removed a pillow and now it works again.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this, it seems like you’ve helped a lot of people! Mine is currently stuck on 9 minutes, spinning (or rather not spinning) a bath mat. Going to try adding more to the load to balance it out. Thanks for the advise everyone.

  8. Thank you!!
    I took out the heavy mattress protector and it worked!! So was obviously the heavy item.
    Great advice!!


    Looking at an enormous call out charge, so I cleaned the filter ( it didn’t need it, but it made sense) removed and put most of the load back, fired the m/c up and, hey presto! It’s working again.
    Thank you all for your advice.

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