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Ripon Flood Alleviation Scheme Part 4

Well you can check my other posts on this below

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well this is part 4.

So heres a photo as the Alma wier stands today

Ripon Alma Wier end of October 2010
They have completely taken away the old weir. the fresh content that you can see is probably around waist height you can see by the man in the middle. If your looking from the last row of houses then that part of the river bed is now at least 15ft deep if not more, where as it was only half that before.

the piping is been used to divert the water away, from the side of the river that is been worked on. Not 100% sure how they’ll do the pipe side, so only time will tell.

The weir its self is only about 1/4 of the height it was.

Ripon Flood Alleviation Scheme Part 3

Well its been a few weeks since I’ve been over the river Skell where the Flood Alleviation work is been carried out. and there’s been quite a bit of progress.

The first picture was probably taken around the 1st of October.

Ripon Flood Alleviation October 2010

during this picture only the left side of the weir was missing but nearly all he water was coming through these pipes, and you can still see the water on the right hand side of the river.

here’s a picture i took this morning 7th October

Ripon Flood Alleviation October 2010

As you can see the weir fish baskets have gone  and the entirety of the Right hand side of the weir wall.

The river wasnt really that deep on this side so i guess they are going to make the river bed quite a bit deeper which will of course allow more water.

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Ripon Flood Alleviation Scheme Part 2

So the Ripon Flood Alleviation Scheme is now well under way.


Theres 2 of those black pipes laid side by side next to the Water Rat Pub. The piping goes quite far up the river as far as i can see, i imagine these will have flood gates on which will open in the times of need ie flooding.  This should help dramaticly as the river bed isnt that deep here and those pipes will allow hundreds of thousands of gallons through.

Ripon Flood Alleviation Scheme

I walk Past the Alma weir and over the river Skell daily and have seen the devastation and anticipation that the flooding can cause. The Last time it flooded badly back in June 2007 work was only 50 or so metres away from the rising water levels.

Every man and his dog knows that Ripon needs flood defence work and its taken many bad floods to get this far.

Ripon Floods 2007 Water Rat Pub

You can see the people on the far side of the river and their where only feet away from the lip of the shallow water. Where ever the water can get in it does and then it gathers quickly. Some people either can move cars or naively don’t believe that they’ll be hit by the water.

Ripon Floods 2007 Ford Focus Wolseley Car Park

Oh dear!

Heres the view from the other side of the river Skell. if you look to the left hand side of the photo about half way up you can see the water is nearly over the foot bridge.

Ripon Floods 2007 Looking at the Water Rat Other Side

The Flooding doesnt happen every year this was the last bad flood and it was 4 years ago (We must be due one soon).

On the Environment Agency websaite this is whats happening.

  • Building a flood storage reservoir near Birkby Nab Farm on the River Laver
  • New flood defences along Borrage Lane and improvements to Borrage Bridge
  • New walls and embankments along the River Skell at Fishergreen and work to protect the A61 underpass
  • Some road levels will be raised and an embankment will be built in the North Bridge area of the city
  • The existing Alma Weir will be replaced and a new river gauging station will be built further upstream

I’m not sure what they are going to replace the Alma weir with, its clear that it holds some of the water up, but its nice to see Salmon jumping it early in the year.

Heres some recent photos

11th Aug 2010 Alma Wier River Skell

Alma Wier river skell 12 Aug 2010


I took this picture a few days ago probably around the 25th of Aug

As you can see half of the Wier has been cut away.

Ripon Alma Wier River Skell