Ripon Flood Alleviation Scheme Part 4

Well you can check my other posts on this below

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well this is part 4.

So heres a photo as the Alma wier stands today

Ripon Alma Wier end of October 2010
They have completely taken away the old weir. the fresh content that you can see is probably around waist height you can see by the man in the middle. If your looking from the last row of houses then that part of the river bed is now at least 15ft deep if not more, where as it was only half that before.

the piping is been used to divert the water away, from the side of the river that is been worked on. Not 100% sure how they’ll do the pipe side, so only time will tell.

The weir its self is only about 1/4 of the height it was.

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