Ripon Flood Alleviation Scheme Part 3

Well its been a few weeks since I’ve been over the river Skell where the Flood Alleviation work is been carried out. and there’s been quite a bit of progress.

The first picture was probably taken around the 1st of October.

Ripon Flood Alleviation October 2010

during this picture only the left side of the weir was missing but nearly all he water was coming through these pipes, and you can still see the water on the right hand side of the river.

here’s a picture i took this morning 7th October

Ripon Flood Alleviation October 2010

As you can see the weir fish baskets have gone  and the entirety of the Right hand side of the weir wall.

The river wasnt really that deep on this side so i guess they are going to make the river bed quite a bit deeper which will of course allow more water.

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