Ripon Canal – Where are all the Fish

Over the past few months i’ve been down Ripon Canal quite a few times from the very top at the basin right down to the last lock and there seems to be a distinct lack of people fishing and fish more importantly. Years ago i would often fish Ripon Canal and you would see Carp floating by, Pike hiding in sides. But on recent trips i haven’t really seen much in the way of life other than a few Silvers.

So i’d love to know off any one like ripon piscatorial how come there’s a lack of fish appearing in the canal

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  1. I fish the canal from time to time I have only ever seen one carp and that one was dead and floating at the side of the canal near the marina it weighed I’d guess around 8lb.
    I have however seen lots of better fish basking in the unfishable part of the marina I believe this is where the carp are as they are attracted by the the people throwing waste out their boats.
    I have also seen small tench in the marina. I also know for a fact that a fella has had bream to 6 lb fishing off the end of his canal barge inside the second marina (the smaller one by the bridge) have you ever caught carp in the canal and which part did you catch in?

  2. Around 10 years ago maybe more the top part of the cannal between the first 2 locks it was packed with fish and a sunny day you could see many species, large carp in the bushes on the far side, sole pike hiding and swimming along. All you see now is the odd few silver swimming past nothing big or fancy.

  3. during this summer I have seen some fair roach between the first two locks id guess the biggest to be around 1 and a half to 2 pounds
    I have seen pike and had my roach grabbed by three this year already
    I do believe that their is good fish to be had in the canal
    next year I will be trying to prebait an area and fish it just to see what comes along!!!
    by the sounds of what you have said their used to be much more fish in the canal
    their certainly is an abundance of carp that used to be present
    I have spoken to some anglers down their recently and they have told me they have had carp from the canal in the past but none in recent years.
    I have also been inquiring at the local tackle shops for some answers and at northern angling I found some success. the bloke who runs it told me that the carp in the ripon racecourse lake had caught a disease from some recently stocked fished that were infected. instead of killing the diseased fish they transferred them in to the ripon canal in an attempt to try and save the healthy remaining stock in the racecourse lake (some of the fish in the racecourse were into the high 20s of lbs and a few were 30s) so they came to the decision it would be best and easiest to just move the infected stock next door into the canal. this saved the majority of the racecourse lake stock but inturn was fatal to the stock of original canal carp. for a short while before the disease was fatal the canal was fishing extremely well for carp the fella said little kids had been catching high singles to low double figure carp on cheap rods they had bought from home bargains. while this commensed for a few months apparently less and less carp were being caught and the ones that were were becoming increasing poor in terms of condition and health.
    after this no carp to my knowledge have been caught from the canal in recent years.
    I believe this happened in the years 1999-2000 and the carp have never made a comeback ever since………
    hope this helps I am still keen to find out what does remain in the canal and will be observing regularly.
    I will keep this thread updated with what I find see and catch

  4. Thanks for all the info your date range would definitely tie in with mine.

    i do see some fish on the cannal, but its nothing like it was years back you could easily cast your eye over to the far bank on a sunny day and easyily spot numerous carp and pike lurking around.

    Something has definitely happened and i guess that the story makes sense.

  5. I went fishing their this weekend and as I was just below the second lock I spotted a baby otter in broad daylight. it came out of a burrow from underneath one of the old fishing platforms in front of the bird hides. as it was a baby otter I would not be surprised if their were parents around!!! I would imagine they would have come down from the ure. with this on top of the already low fish population in the canal I have to say I don’t think the canal has much longer to go before its almost completely devoid of fish…..

  6. I think its already had its time. I remember you could walk from the 1st lock right down to the third one and catch 10 /15 people fishing your lucky to see 1 person nowadays.

    Do they still do the junior fishing comp between the 1st & 2nd lock anymore i remember coming 2nd or third one year.

    its alright having the little fish there but they don’t hang around for ever and soon dissapear.

  7. they do still have a ripon piscatorial junior match between the locks but this year the highest weight was a few ounces I have seen anglers on the canal they just haven’t done very well when ive been watching and have not caught anything

  8. Today sunday 30/mar/14 at 3 in the afternoon. From a footbridge by the marina I witnessed a Pike about 3ft long eating a Trout. I have put the photograph on a site called Strictly Yorkshire photography group, it’s on facebook.

  9. you mentioned about moving knowing diseased fish from one water to another.surely knowing there was a problem with these carp,then surely they shouldn’t have been placed in another water.permission I would have thought would have been needed anyways,transporting fish from water to another without the relivent checks would surely be against what can be done.

    I used to be a member of ripon pictorals many moons ago,and often fished ripon canal.on its day it could be an outstanding water with regular bags of silvers between 15/30lb.

    carp were not my main target species but would often hook a few and have grt sport on the pole and light gear.not always landing all the fish,but 80% were landed running along with them,getting to a stage were I would have to run back again when they came to the lock gates.

    its a shame to read the above,and read that fish stocks have dwindled.the otter problem is increasing on our water ways,but unfortunately its here to stay and as anglers just have to go along with it.

    the more disturbing part is this transfer of one would transport fish knowing there was a problem with fish health and is against the law anyways.if there was a problem it should have been reported to the fishery’s department/environment agency.

  10. Hi Mark

    Thanks for replying.

    Its only a rumour i heard about fish been transported. The canal is not what it was, you can walk between the first 2 locks and see about 1 fish if your lucky, no pike carp anything.

  11. interesting, this is my first year with RPA and even though it’s a cheap membership it seems most of their waters are down on fish stocks and match reports of winning bags of 7lb do not instil confidence , it’s said that the race course lake has very low to no carp left, I don’t know how true this is as I have not fished it, the Ure does not seem to be teeming either but I did find a signal cray fish claw on the bank maybe there lies the issue what with otters and comarants. But I have seen members fishing it and one fly fisher I spoke to said there was a good head of grayling,
    And the canal does not seem overly busy with fish.

  12. Hi John

    Sorry for the late reply, years back and im talking at least 15. there was a good stock of fish in the canal, Ure and Skell. All of these now seem void of fishers. i also partly blame the issue on the lack of a local tackle shop.

  13. There is a local tackle shop, Northern angling on Dallamires lane, you are right in that the match weights have been very poor this year, the ure holds fish but you just need to find them and when you do they don’t hang about for long as soon they are found by the otters (coarse fish im talking about) also the matches are during the day which is not conducive to consistant sport, the skell is stuffed with trout and grayling also, it is a fish a chuck from quick fit down to fishers green on maggots, you just catch about 10 trout for every grayling!!! However in the case of the canal the actual canal channel does not have a healthy stock of good fish, most of the tench and bream plus carp hang around in the private boating marinas where you cannot fish (watch with polaroids on a hot day). There are a good few chub scattered throughout the canals length and a few decent pike and small bits and bobs.

  14. Hi I have been reading all of your comments and it I don’t think there are any fish left in the now as a couple years ago when I used to go down from morning to night we would get about 5 or 6 fish and I got a 3lb perch and 2 nice pike but the last 3 times I been down we have caught nothing we have tried lures drop shotting baits and more but nothing and I spoke to one guy who was also fishing and this was just at the end of 2016 and he said he had a pike the night before on a sardine.

  15. It seems to be worse, Piscatorial don’t seem bothered about restocking with decent carp

  16. I went there today, tried everything lure wise, water was gin clear and I didn’t even see a fish let alone catch one.

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