RIP Shadrach Dingle

Shadrach Dingle arrived in Emmerdale on the day of Butch Dingles funeral, as usual Shadrach ended up getting really drunk and falling asleep in the church, This made Zak Dingle his brother mad but Zak withheld from doing anything as he had an affiar with Shadrach’s wife Faith, this fling with Faith ended up with Cain Dingle been born and he was raised to think that Shadrach was his father, but later discovered Zak was his true father and it was his uncle that had been bringing him up.

Shadrach Dingle is played by Andy Devine and is aged 67. He has recently thinned out his appearances, only coming back for major story lines as he felt he would struggle with a busy schedule due to his age.

Shadrach Dingle

Shadrach Dingle

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