Phones 4 U Great Customer Service

I did a post about 1 month a go about my new HTC Hero that i bought from Phones 4 U, Well i got my phone on the 10th of October and was informed that my new contract would start within a day or so, and to expect some small charges for 3G usage for the facebook and weather updates until my new contract started.

To be honest i didn’t have any issue with this so forgot about it completely.

Anyway i checked my data usage yesterday and I’ve spent around £31 on 3G well when i say i, i mean my phone.

This point i pretty much hit the roof thinking I’d gone over my 500MB  cap and there for been raped on data charges. I went to Phones 4 U on Saturday and after waiting for about 20 minutes to see the manager in the Harrogate branch where i got the phone, he said that he would refund any extra charges that i had incurred. I was really pleased about this as i didn’t think i would get anywhere.

So well done Phones 4 U

phones 4 u

phones 4 u

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