Overclocking A Samsung Galaxy S2

I haven’t really noticed any major gains in over clocking my Samsung Galaxy S2 to run at a maximum of 1501GHz over the stock limit of 1200GHz.

Whilst i allow my phone to run up to 1501GHz i have noticed that the battery dies a lot quicker than if i limited the CPU to run at the stock 1200GHz

Overclocked Samsung Galaxy S2 Quadrant Standard

As you can see from the above graph whilst running Quadrant Standard benchmark the phone was nearly 800 points quicker when overclocked.

I was using Android 2.3.4 on this test, and ran Quadrant Standard a few times to that we got a better perspective.

Is it worth overclocking Samsung Galaxy S2 well its something to do, and I’m sure that on heavy CPU usage apps it will come in handy. But in honesty i don’t really notice any difference

18650 Batteries

I recently did a post on bike lights mainly the Cree XM-L T6 1300Lm as i had purchased one on eBay. When they turned up they didn’t have any Batteries so i though no more of it and headed straight for an AA battery thinking it would fit, but they don’t fit as you need 18650 Batteries.

On the net i couldn’t see any pictures comparing a standard AA battery against a 18650 battery.

As you can see there’s quite a bit of size difference. I bought 2 UltraFire 18650 3.7v and a charger for £12 delivered from eBay

AA battery against a 18650 battery (Length)AA battery against a 18650 battery (Width)
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Marco Simoncelli Dies at Malaysian Moto GP 2011

Marco Simoncelli has tragicly died today at the Sepang circuit at the Malaysian Moto GP. The race was red flagged after 4 minutes when Marcos bike low sided and then camme back across the path of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. Marcos helmet came off during the accident causing head injurys. Edwards suffered a dislocated shoulder.

The race was cancelled due to Marcos condition.

Below is a video of the accident

Rooting My Samsung Galaxy S2

First of all its pretty easy to do but you can render your phone dead and void your warranty by rooting your phone, so if you’ve got itchy feet turn back now. I’m not taking the blame for your cock up. this is a guide i followed and it worked for me

The benefit of rooting your phone is so that you can remove the apps that come pre installed on your phone that you don’t want. It also allows you to tweak various other settings

It was pretty easy to root and i haven’t lost any data, although i did remove my SD card just in case. So i’ve done a step by step guide below.

Items you need first

Odin  Download

Super One Click V2.1.1 Download

XWKDD TAR File Download

1. Make sure you have Samsungs Kies Software on your PC. You can download this by searching in google for samsung kies download or go HERE

2. Make sure that your device is in USB debugging mode: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.

3. Reboot your device into download mode. To do so: Turn the device off, then power it on again by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home + Power simultaneously.

Download ModeI found this step the hardest bit off all, if your phone re boots and has yellow writing on and looks like the picture to the left. Then pull the battery out and try again it needs to have a big warning sign on.

download-mode2The screen you need looks like the one to the left, it took me 3/4 attempts to get this so keep trying.




4. Install the ODIN software (Download from above) then run the ODIN software make sure your Galaxy S2 is attached via USB

5. Wait a few seconds, the ODIN screen will show that a device is now connected, it will turn Yellow

– Make sure that in ODIN nothing is checked, except the “Auto reboot” and “F. Reset Time” check boxes. Very Important

– Press the “PDA” button, and browse and select your”XWKDD_insecure.tar” file. (It doesn’t need to be unzipped)
– Press “Start”. ODIN will now flash the kernel ie your phone, and the device should reboot.

6. Your Galaxy S2 will now be ready to go but leave connected via USB as we now need to actually Root It

7. While still being connected via USB, start SuperOneClick and now lick the Root button It should shortly say “Success” after a few seconds in the right hand corner of the SuperOneClick screen.

Cheap Bike Lights Cree XM-L T6 1300LM

So the nights are starting to get darker and riding home is going to be getting slightly more risky over the next month or so, so i guess i’m going to need a set of lights for my Dawes XC 1.6.

Now i’ve seen £200 plus lights working like the Hope Vision 4 LED Front Light, that is one bright light. but since its a tad on the expensive side (lol) i don’t think i’ll be getting it.

Also its only like a 5 minute ride for me to get home and the roads aren’t particularly dark so my visibility isn’t to bad.

I didn’t really want to get cheap lights well because they are shit usually use huge battery’s and well they usually aren’t much good.

One my last bike a few years back i opted for some cateye lights in a set that cost around £30/£40, and they where ok and better than cheaper brands.

This time i’ve taken a slight gamble, not knowing how good this front light will be but it cant be any worse lighting wise than a cheap light.

I’ve bought a CREE XM-L T6 LED which is kind of a torch but you can mount it on your handlebars. it claims that its 100LM compare to the 1000LM of the ope light above. LM is short for Lumens it basicly how bright a light is the higher the number the brighter it is.

A car 60w light bulb (kinda a stand bulb on cars) is 800LM but its apparently not focused.

It only has one small but bright LED in the torch. there where some 1600LM lights but they where slightly more money and my thought was i know that the hope is bright at 1000LM so do i really need 1600LM

Maybe if i’m really impressed by the 1300 LM Cree T6 light that i get, then i might just upgrade next winter, thats if i’m still riding daily.

Anyway i’d do bit more of a detailed report when i get the light.

How to fit an electric shower

Recently our electric shower started playing up it would struggle to keep pressure for water coming out and then in its last few days it would shut down. This happened over the space of a month and it was a Mira Advance 8.9KW electric shower. there was a manufacture date on the inside of the shower and it was made in 2003 september some time i think so even if it wasn’t used until 2004 then its had 7 years of useage which i don’t thinks bad really

First thing i did was turn the power off to the electric shower from the consumer unit downstairs. Next was the water isolation valve in the cupboard behind the shower.

I now felt slightly safer even looking at the shower with the lid off.

Our shower lid / front bit seemed loose and had no screws holding it in place. Be careful when you remove the front as it often has a cable leading to the main unit.

I unscrewed the screws which where keeping the 3 cables in place. i then straighten the cable out to make it easier to remove the old unit.

Now for the water pipe, depending how old your shower is it maybe a push fit connection which is pretty new and requires no tools. Or a older style compression fitting which will require spanners to loosen.

The only thing left now are 3/4 screws which are holding the actual shower to the wall. You may need to do some jiggling to loosen the water pipe off but apart from that there’s nothing holding the shower on.

Our new shower is a Bristan Joy 9.5 KW we bought it from PTS a nationwide trade place.

Now our water pipe comes in through the bottom and yours maybe different but, all i needed to do was remove the old compression fitting from the pipe Inc the olive this bit looks like a copper ring. This is the bit where i got stuck as i put my pipe into the push fit connection, as i needed to mark new holes. But i then couldn’t get the pipe out of the push fit connection so ended up turning the shower unit round on the pipe which i wouldn’t recommend. I drilled the holes and put it the supplied plugs but in hind sight i would use your own brown or red plugs as the provided ones where shit.

I then screwed in the electrical cable from the bottom of the unit, attached the front panel cable then placed the front panel onto the unit and screwed in.

All you need to do now is turn the water back on and then the electrics.

Job Done