2ft cube Marine aquarium

Marine Aquarium On A Budget : The Aquarium

This will be my third marine aquarium but only my second from new as my 2nd to 3rd was a tank down size.

I’m looking to do this setup on a limited budget but without cutting any major corners, must of the stuff i’m hoping to get 2nd hand so it should only cost a fraction of the price.

I’ve been looking for a 2ft cube aquarium which is quite a popular size and these don’t come up for sale often and when they do then they are bought pretty quickly.

I’d been looking daily on 3 main sources for the aquarium


2ft cube Marine aquariumI got mine through the last website www.aquarist-classifieds.co.uk, after around 3/4 weeks of looking a 2ft cube aquarium came up for £300, it was only 6 months old and was £699 new and its in a light oak colour.

It came with a light a clip on Metal Halide only 70w but it seems bright enough for what i need and its a good make a K2 Viper.

The only down side was that the tank was 2 hours away and a 4 hour trip in total which also cost me £70 in fuel. I can’t say whether the tank is water tight yet and this will be one of the last things i find out :(.
So there are a few downsides the tank needs  the below:

New Door Hinges, these rust easily and its pretty common on sumped marine aquariums

The SumpGlass & Perspex cover, glass for the tank this will stop a big loss of water from evaporation, also covering the sump with perspex, im choosing perspex as i can cut holes in the right places for the return pipe hose and the weir outlet, with glass this could prove a pain.

Plumbing I’ve currently spent around £13 on plumbing for the sump, there was no ball valve to control the flow of water out of the aquarium, its easier to sort this now than later, I’ve also bough a few jubilee clips and 2 new sections of hose.

My next job is to hover the remnants of the old sand out of the aquarium and the fully clean the inside of the glass with vinegar, ive already done 2 sides, and it looks a lot better already as most of the water marks have been removed. But when the tank was drained it was tipped on its side so the sand stayed on that side and has now dried on, this just needs brushing off and hoovering out.

Although buying a tank from a considerable way away does have draw backs, i feel that i couldn’t have bought one close to me in the same quality or age, or i’d of had a long wait

Tank & Sump and Lighting £300

Plumbing £14

Fuel £70

Total cost so far £384

EGR Valve Cleaning 1.9cdti

Here is a quick photo guide of how to clean your EGR Valve, my car is a Vauxhall Vectra C with the 1.9cdti 150 engine on a 2006 plate. Its got around 46k on the clock and a few months back the EML came on a quick trip to a local Auto Electric place confirmed it was the EGR Valve stuck error.

Apparently these can stick quickly and then free them selves but still throw the error up or then can cease permanently. Anyway the light came on again so i decided that it was probably worth taking off the EGR Valve and giving it a good  clean and the mouth of the inlet manifold.

I’m not a mechanic by trade but i felt confident that this was easy enough to fix and probably took me around 40 minutes.

Things you will need

10mm Spanner or Socket
13mm Spanner or Socket
Flat head screw driver
Carb/Injector cleaner (i used 2 cans)
Small Paintbrush

1: Pop your bonnet and it should look like the below
Vectra C 1.9cdti Engine Bay

2: Lift off the black plastic engine cover, these are quite flexi and hard to damage
Vectra C 1.9cdti Engine Bay No Cover






3: Your now looking at a bare engine, your EGR Valve is directly under the top right engine mount.

4:Undo the nuts that are holding the engine mount on, don’t drop the nuts.
EGR Valve With Engine Mount






5: You’ll now have something like
EGR Valve Without Engine Mount

6: There is a sensor cable which attaches to the plastic side of the EGR Valve, i found this fiddly to remove whilst bolted to the engine, so i left it attached until the EGR Valve was free and removed then, now remove the bolts i would suggest leaving a top one till last, there is also a metal gasket between the EGR and inlet mani, mine was stuck to the engine, but be careful and try not to lose it.

7: The bolts should loosen off easily and you’ll have something like this, you can just see the black gasket, on the inlet mani
EGR Valve Free




8: There are the 2 top bolts here which connect to a loose bracket, underneath of the EGR. To be honest you can remove these first if you want, infact its probably easier, i think that there is a gasket under this between the EGR and the connection, anyway I’ve lost mine and all seems fine.

9: Your EGR Valve is now free but remember to disconnect the Sensor. You should have something like the below.
EGR Valve




10: As you can see mines pretty caked with soot, soak with Carb Cleaner and wrap a rag around the screwdriver to clean the inside, if i had the time, i would of left the EGR Valve to soak in Carb Cleaner over night.

Now all you need to do is fit the EGR back on to your car. a word of warning before you start your car.

Mine didn’t want to start the first time and it did idle roughly for a minute or so, which I’m putting down to loose soot and Carb Cleaner.

Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc Reviewed

I know that Challenge Xtreme is a pretty cheap brand so i didn’t expect the Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc to be like a £200 / £300 strimmer when it only costs £80 from Argos.

I needed a new Strimmer as the old electric one had died. I’ve already got a petrol lawn mower so i didn’t want to have to get all the leads out just for the strimmer when its only a quick job to go round the edge of the garden.

I’ve never owned a 2 stroke engine before but mixed was really easy, just fill the supplied mixing bottle up to the line and then top up with 2 stroke mixture (supplied) to the next line, give it a good shake and your done. The bottle will easily fill the petrol tank up and you do have a little left in the bottle. I cant say how long it will take for the tank to empty as i haven’t really used it much.

Its not a quick starting 2 stroke engine and you need to push the primer around 10 times but 3/4 pulls and it will start close the choke and your going.

The rotating head won’t rotate until you let out the lock for the centrifugal clutch which is good and a nice feature. Weight wise its a well balanced piece of equipment neither is it to light or to heavy.

The supplied strimming cord is pretty thick and only did me for around 2 cuttings of our medium sized back garden, but i’m going to put slightly thinner stuff in this time.

It did take me some time to get familiar with the higher angle i needed to use to strim with put the supplied shoulder strap took the weight for me.

Below are the tech specs on the Challenge Xtreme Petrol Grass Trimmer 25cc

The self assembly was pretty easy all i needed to do was fit the handle and the safety Guard for above the cutting head. oh and clamp the 2 shafts together

  • Petrol grass trimmer.
  • 25cc engine.
  • 2 stroke engine.
  • Requires 2 stroke oil (supplied).
  • Cutting width 38cm.
  • Bump feed.
  • Dual line feed system.
  • Low vibration.
  • Weight 5.2kg.

Temple Run

Temple Run is taking the mobile gaming scene by storm. its already on smashing sales records left right and centre. You can play temple run online at varying arcade and online gaming websites. Temple run is costing just under £1 on both app markets.

The idea for Temple run is simple keep running on a never ending level collectiong coins, but you have monkeys chasing you close behind, but collecting the money will slow you down if your just over to the left all the time, so you need to be careful otherwise you will be monkey food

York 20kg Dumbbell Review

There’s not much to get excited about here. But what i wanted to point out is how much better than expected the  York 20kg Dumbbell set was.

I’ve used cheaper Dumbbell sets before  and my major problem was constantly having to tighten the spinning lock nut at the end of the bar, whether it was mid set or before / after use.

With the set i have now you get a plastic lock nut over a chrome metal version with a rubber washer to grip the plates. I tightened these on Christmas day and not had to re tighten since.

Lastly the handle is a very hard rubber which is moulded into the bar so there’s no spin from the plates when you lift. Over all its a good set for £35.

The picture below is an example of the Chrome set that you can get.

york 20kg dumbbell set chrome

carprotect.co.uk 0114 2565286

Leeds united are selling or giving away fan telephone numbers.

Just had a call from Leeds United Insurance Services or carprotect.co.uk. calling from Sheffield of all places how cheeky.

0114 2565286 was the number that called me and i asked how they got my number and although Ken Bates wasn’t mentioned in person they did say if i’ve bought tickets from Leeds United then this is why im getting the call.

Rant over

18650 Battery Charger

If you’ve got some 18650 Batteries then your going to need a charge, i opted for a cheap one that included 2 batteries from eBay. It charges them for around 4 hours in which time the charge light goes from cherry red to a more orange / red.

My batteries are only lasting around 1 week on full power for around 15/20 minutes of use. and towards the end of the week you can tell that they are starting to die off, as there is less output from the light.

If you find your light won’t cycle through modes properly then its more than likely a weak battery over a faulty light unit.