HTC Hero My Review !!

Yesterday i took a trip to harrogate to find a phone, i have been using a pass me down Blackberry 8100 for over a year and to be honest it its so basic its crap, but its really easy to type with and it has everything i need on the home screen, like my new txt’s, missed calls and calender. it was really easy to hold in one hand and txt and it  was never uncomfy to use.

i did have my heart set on a Blackberry Bold, but the salesman in phones 4U said that they would be discontinuing it but got me an equivalent out to try, also i had been looking at the unleased HTC HD2 but i couldn’t be bothered waiting, so i had a look at the HTC Hero.
The Blacbkerry was hard to navigate without a track ball which instantly put me off the RIM phone, also i didn’t want to have to pay the £5 to get connections to my emails and for traffic reports.

At first i did find the sales guy a little pushy but looking around the phones 4u store none of the other sales people seemed to be so i just carried on. After playing with the HTC Hero for a few minutes i loved it more than my blackberry. He sid that he could do 600minutes unlimited txt’s and 500mb monthly for £30 making the HTC hero £0 (me likes £0) so ok its more than the monthly spend that i wanted by £5 but orange let you alter service plan after 6 months so no biggy.

He asked me what i was doing with my old Blackberry 8100, (it was very battered with dust in the screen) i told him i was going to re case it and stick it on eBay as it was unlocked and i expected around £40 for it, then he offered me a cash trade in, me thinking that id get around £10, i was surprised to hear the words £50 come out of his mouth. so i soon handed it over as i sounded a good deal to me.
Ok so i’ve had the HTC Hero for around a day and i’v got a few niggles.

1. There seems no easy way to save numbers from a txt message screen, ie f its a new number sending a txt.

2. I find it quite hard to hold and text in one hand and the hit the return key.

I suppose 2 isnt many for the time been but i’m sure the list will grow over the coming few days.

HTC Hero Review

Cars That I Have Owned

First up was my S reg 1998 registered Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 full reg was S322 Sag. It was a Breeze trim so it had colour coded bumpers and a nice black interior. Since it was my first car i did love it but i soon released just how slow it was. It was fine for around town driving but if you needed to ever take anything or pull out on the motorway it just wouldn’t cut it. i paid around £300o for the corsa way back in 2003, and sold it about 1 year later for £1500.

The picture is poor but its the only one i have

My Old Vauxhall Corsa

My Old Vauxhall Corsa

My 2nd car has to be my favourite, it had a personality which was also the flaw for the car. i originally went looking for a Ford Escort RS Turbo but came home with a Fiesta RS Turbo.

A 1990 H989 GJO Fiesta RS Turbo, it had little in the way of creature comforts no ABS, PAS or Airbag but the recaro bucket seats where so comfortable.

A week or so after having it she started over heating on short runs this gradually got worse until decided to have no more and completely boiled over reversing into my drive.

£500 later a new head gasket and top end re build and we where on our way to Well Lane Turbo centre in batley. I had a few running issues with her, that in my inexperience i didnt see. On colder nights she would boost really strongly and it was great, until PSI was hitting 1bar around 13 psi and this would cause her to splut and cough and she’d be in limp mode. At Well Lane they turned the PSI down to a modest 8PSI and on the rolling road, she put out a healthly 149.8 BHP not bad for a near standard RS which should run around 133BHP.

Fuel started to become a drain on my money as i’d be lucky to get 200 miles out of a tank and already paying a high £1800 for Third party insurance my time was limited with my faithful RS.

To be honest she was a bit rough around the edges, but then i only paid £2100 so i didn’t expect a mint car. i think the garage was in the garage as much as it was out for various seals and gaskets blowing out and leaking, then one day came the dreaded news, the bottom end had started knocking, it did slowly get worse and i was told to only expect to get another 6 months out of it before it would need doing again. But been short on cash i decided to sell the Fiesta on.

I’d love to get another RS now as they have so much passion about them the smell of petrol when the turbo is whistling away always brighten my day up.

Fiesta RS Turbo

Fiesta RS Turbo

Fiesta RS Turbo

Fiesta RS Turbo

Fiesta RS Turbo

Fiesta RS Turbo

This is the Fiesta as i bought her, within days i had new tyres on the orginal Ford 3 spoke alloys and had those back and i replaced the manky looking fog light as well.

After i’d sold my RS i had a brief spell driving the work van, until i went a bit mad and when jap and bought a Toyota Starlet GT Turbo (i notice a trend here)

I bought the GT for about £2700 and sold it for £2000. I’d probably still have this car if i had more patience with it, since it was my fault for putting a daft exhaust on it which caused the turbo to smoke. it was only due to lack of back pressure that cause this and putting a washer between the backbox and exhaust tip apparently solved this.

Starlet GT Turbo New Exhaust

Starlet GT Turbo New Exhaust

I kept the starlet for just over a year before i decided to get rid of it. it was a 1993 k reg jap import and to be honest it wasn’t even close to the fiesta, although it did pull 149BHP on a rolling road. K910 DHN was the full registration and it went to the manchester arera.

Starlet GT Turbo

Starlet GT Turbo

I will say that the starlet was fun to drive but it just didnt feel as raw as the fiesta.

after the starlet i had another period of driving the work van around for probably around a year before i decided to buy a Ford Sport Ka SE.

Ok so some thought it was gay but i had my reasons for buying this, ka’s handle really well, so with the Sport having a wider front track it should technically be even better, ford have never made a bad hot hatch, it looked like it had been on steroids and i kind of liked the looks.

I bought the car a a present for my self on my 23rd birthday. i paid just just over £5000 for the KA Sport but it was the colour i wanted had a few optional extras as well like heated mirrors and a 6 cd player.

I soon put a K&N induction kit on as it sounded a bit hairdryery at higher revs, it sounded rather beefy with it new induction kit so i decided that it should be lowered, i found some eibach springs on ebay for £60 which lowered the car by 30mm. These springs also where a ford recommended option.

The Ka Sport was soon transformed and looked a lot better for been lowered. This car handled like a dream, i knew that where i pointed it it would go and i could really corner well without pushing myself or the car. the only thing it lacked was some extra power in my eyes another 20/30bhp would of suited, or even a 16v engine over the 8v that they opted for.

I only had 2 gripes with the Ka Front lower arms i had to have mine replaced and you had to get genuine ford ones, i once fell for a cheaper arm but ended paying more as it only lasted a few days before it failed. Tyres front ones only lasted about 4,000 miles. and they weren’t cheapo’s they where Toyo Proxi TR1’s.

Ford Sport Ka

Ford Sport Ka

I’m currently running around in a vauxhall corsavan which aids me to do my car valeting work around ripon harrogate and leeds areas

How Much Do Storage Heaters Cost To Run

Ok since i’m freshly moved into my own flat and its slowly becoming colder i have 2 things to face. Everyone has told me that stroage heaters will use loads of electricity and not produce much heat and no one can really give me a definetive awnser as to how much they use or cost to run.

On my over night meter i tend to use around 5-6Kwh which is usually the water tank warming back up to 40 OC and usual stuff like fridge and freezer. I thought a Oil heater / radiator might be cheaper to run so i just got an Argos own brand one for around £29.99 it only has 4 spines on it but it does get bloody hot, so on the night that i used that i had it running on a timer plug so that it wasnt on all night, all in it and for 6 30minute blocks on the lowest heat setting out of the 3 and i had the thermostat in the middle. To be honest the room wasnt that warm but equally it wasnt that cold but that chill from the room didnt seem as bad to me. The oil heater used around 3 extra Kwh which works out around 15p i think if you pay 5p for your night time rate per Kwh.

I had the storage heater set on the charge of 4 which is right in the middle as it ranges from 0-8. i thought this was kind of the only fair way to test. i’m trying to not release the heat until i go to bed tonight and i’ll let it  out slowly (hopefully). When i checked the meter it had used around 5-6Kwh which is the same as the oil heater. my methods arent that scientific but i have a rough guide to go on.
Tonight will be the test as this is when i’ll find out how long and how much heat the storage heater will give out.

I hope that someone will find this post useful as i found it bit of a mine field to storage heaters and how much electricity they will use.

Ok last night was the night where i’d use the heat from the storage heaters and they where ok on a low output setting but the heat didnt last that long and it wasnt that hot from them either.


I’ve now got one storage heater on in my hall way which i leave on all the time. its always got its output set to 0 which means the flap is closed but it still radiates heat. this keeps that nasty chill out of the hall way and my bedroom, and its only a small heater maybe 3 ft long. Also i have a another similar sized heater turned on both are on a charge of 5 out of 6, and last night 27 KHw was used.

I’d guess that the water heater will use a few units and other thing i have on like  fridge freezer and stuff. so even at 25KHw at say a high 7p per KHw, thats £1.75 for the cost of running my storage heaters  each night, which doesnt sound a lot but over a 30 day period thats £52

Storage Heater

Storage Heater