Overclocking A Samsung Galaxy S2

I haven’t really noticed any major gains in over clocking my Samsung Galaxy S2 to run at a maximum of 1501GHz over the stock limit of 1200GHz.

Whilst i allow my phone to run up to 1501GHz i have noticed that the battery dies a lot quicker than if i limited the CPU to run at the stock 1200GHz

Overclocked Samsung Galaxy S2 Quadrant Standard

As you can see from the above graph whilst running Quadrant Standard benchmark the phone was nearly 800 points quicker when overclocked.

I was using Android 2.3.4 on this test, and ran Quadrant Standard a few times to that we got a better perspective.

Is it worth overclocking Samsung Galaxy S2 well its something to do, and I’m sure that on heavy CPU usage apps it will come in handy. But in honesty i don’t really notice any difference

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