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I’ve had this tub of New Era Marine flake since November 2009, but since i don’t have loads of fish i don’t use much so i’m only now 13th August 2010 1/2 way through a tub.

Anyway a few months back i noticed that the lid was slowly starting to split at the top near the opening, i guess this is due to repeated opening in the same place causing a stress fracture type thing.

Anyway its now so bad that the flakes aren’t crisp anymore.

I dropped an email over to New Era Aquaculture expecting an email back in a few days, much to my suprise within minutes i was emailed back. See Below
Thank you for this feedback, we are currently looking into new packaging for our flakes and pellet which will combat this.  If you forward me your postal address i will send you a pot of marine flake to replace the one that has become too moist to use.

I think this is outstanding service from New Era Aquaculture and it will keep me using their products in the future

Thanks Guys

New Era Marine Flakes

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  1. Good morning,

    Would you please advise me on “how many carbon, pelletts, weigh 1 gram”
    i dont have anything on which I can weigh a gram.
    First signs of your tropical flake, are quite stunning,even before it hits the surface,


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