Natwest Life

I’ve been banking with Natwest for years (rough guess 1999 when i opened my acc).

Anyway last week they asked about life insurance so i went in for one of those meeting things where they talk about your account, apolgise for lending all the countrys money to people that couldnt repay loans and credit cards and then they mentioned life insurance, so we went through the usual question do you smoke and so on.

Anyway it would only cost me £10 a month for so many years then when i die someone else gets a bit of cash.

I heard it word like this

“Your life insurance wont start until you accept your policy and there for no money will leave your account”

When acutally what was ment was

“we’ll set up a direct debit in advance anyway weather you accept or decline”

i got loads of umphhh through the post one of which was a collection shedule for the £10 to leave my bank account on 17th november 2009 which would change to the 1st of December 2009  and run until october 2022.

thing is i never accepted the policy and they where keen on taking my money so i canncelled everything.

Sod them

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