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British Gas Earn Nectar Points : Queen One Vision

As soon as i saw this ad by British Gas i knew that it was going to be written about here. The Song is One Vision by Queen. They’ve been using there music in a few TV ad’s this years maybe its something to do with its been there 40th anniversary.

A Kind Of MagicIt was released in 1985 originally written by Roger Taylor about Martin Luther King, Jr, It includes lyrical references to King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. It was also featured in the film Iron Eagle. It was performed at every gig that Queen did in 1986 on the Magic Tour it was the first song played. The Magic Tour was to push the latest album A Kind Of Magic.

At the beginning of One Vision there’s a distorted voice which says God works in mysterious ways… mysterious ways…”

A Kind Of Magic is one of those albums that i can remember choosing to play through out the earlyist years of my life, i can imagine my dad been sick of hearing it. Even today its still an album that i can listen to in its entirety.

Heres a video from Youtube and Vimeo

Alicia Keys Empire State Of Mind II

Empire State Of Mind II has to be my favourite song at the moment. I’ve always liked Alicia Keys but i felt she lacked something in her early career, been no music mogul i knew one day she would mature, Most of her stuff has been a hit.

Recently shes realeased Empire State Of Mind II, which she really does shine and show her true talent. I'[m sure it how she hits the higher notes and her vocals have a certain rougher sound when she hits a louder note or part of the song.

Listening back to her first song that i can remember from her album Songs In A Minor, “Fallin” she sounds young and still her vocals change but not as noticeably, and her song is definitely more a of a black origin.

i’ll never tire of listing to the song

Jean Michel Jarre Manchester Arena

I’ve been lucky enough too see Jean Michel Jarre twice, Once in Manchester Nynex (now the evening news) in June 1997, and only a few years back at the Royal Albert Hall, which in honesty was amazing.

Below are a few pics of the Albert Hall Concert

Jean Michel Jarre Royal Albert Hall 2Jean Michel Jarre Royal Albert HallRoyal Albert Hall

Anyway i’ve found some great footage of him performing in Manchester in 2009 on Youtube
Part 1


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 Playing Calypso 3 in Tribute to his Farther