Morrison’s At Ripon Ram Raid Cash Machines Taken

A kick back to the early 90’s here.

The Ripon Store Of Morrison’s supermarket, was attacked on Thursday night at around 2am “Allegedly”

It appears that both cash machines have been taken, Nat west and Lloyds TSB had an ATM there. There just a huge Hole in the hole in the wall now.

Most modern cash machines have either explosive ink or smoke grenades inside to ruin any notes that are left in whilst the machine is stolen or tampered with, each machine when full can hold an average ok around 40K.

It is possible that the machines where full for the crowds of people ready to hit them for the friday big shop and weekend shopping, so at a guess they could of been filled up late thursday night.

It’s now clear that a jcb was used to knock down the wall and pull the cash machines out. The digger then escaped through the car park dropping down to the bottom of morrisons along side the by pass where a van was waiting.

Below is a copy of the police statement

“Police investigating the theft of two cash machines in Ripon are appealing for witnesses to help with their enquiries.

Officers were alerted at around 2.10am on Friday 4 June 2010 after reports of a raid at Morrison’s supermarket on Harrogate Road.

The offenders used a stolen agricultural vehicle to rip two ATM machines from the wall at the front of the store.

The vehicle was abandoned at the scene with the engine still running.”

Morrisons ripon no cash machines

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