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Raoul Moat Gazza’s Mate

I was quite surprised to hear that Gazza had turned up the night that the Police had surrounded Raoule Moat in Rothebury

Here’s some quotes

“I’ve drove from Newcastle to Rothbury, Its cost quite a lot of money” Thats because your in a taxi Paul

“I’ve brought a jacket, dressing gown,Chicken,bread, you’ll laugh at this a can of larger, fishing rod cos i heard he was next to the river and i’ve brought my fishing rod”.
Brilliant only Gazza would do this !

BBC Doesn’t Produce Good Comedies Anymore

I was watching back some old Royle Family DVD’s the other night and the BBC don’t have comedies like they had. Ok Outnumbered is rather funny but thats it.

Royle Family ran from 1998 to 2000 and had 23 episodes. its going to remembered as a classic comedy, below is a funny sketch that always makes me laugh.

I don’t know why we can’t have good comedies anymore theres jsut shite on bbc3 like that the lee howard show

Heres a few quotes from the Royle Family

Mary Carroll: Look at Anthony’s hair. He looks like a little choir boy.
Jim Royle: He looks like a little gay boy.

Jim Royle: Anthony, if that’s the invisible man, tell him I can’t see him.

Jim Royle: I’ve joined the dance
Roger Kavanagh: What dance is that, Jim?
Jim Royle: The REDUNdance

Denise Royle: You’re tight as a crab’s arse, you, Dad.
Jim Royle: Crab’s arse, my arse, it’s two pound fifty phoning next door!

Move over Boyle, Lin Yu Chun Is Here

So talent shows are gripping the world, and undiscovered talents are cropping up everywhere.  Back in 2009 Susan Boyle stunned everyone with her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream. Everyone thought she was going to be good for all the wrong reasons, even now you don’t expect her to be so good. Watching the Video Simon Cowell looks so bored before she starts to sing.

Any way theres a new hit over in Taiwan, Lin Yu Chun did an amazing rendition of Whitneys I Will Always Love You. Lin Yu Chun stands to win £650,000 if he wins the contest.

Tilikum The Killer Whale Kills Trainer at Seaworld

These story’s are always sad but they are wild animals and have just been stuck into a very large Aquarium.
SeaWorld said that the Veteran trainer Slipped into the tank where as eye witnesses said that the whale took her.

Tilikum is the Killer Whale responsible for this, but this isn’t the first time that Tilikum has been in a human accident.

Tilikum was originally housed at Sealand over in British Columbia with Nootka IV and Haida II who where both females, Tilikum is a Bull.
Nootka IV and Haida II both chased and bullied Tilikum and often chased him into the medical pen. In 1991 Keltie Byrne a 20 year old student and part time trainer Slipped and fell into the tank after a Whale show and all three Orca whales attacked her by repeatedly dunking her under the water until she drowned. The Trainers over at SeaLand never went into the water with Tilikum, Nootka IV and Haida II as they noted their aggression.
Various things where held accountable for this accident, the unfamiliar relation between the orcas and trainers in the water, and Haida II was also pregnant.

SeaLand closed down soon after this incident and all three Orcas where sold to SeaWorld.  Tillikum and Nootka IV went to SeaWorld Orlando, whilst Haida II and baby (Kyuquot) went over to SeaWorld San Antonio.

Tilikum was also at the scene of another death back in July 1999 where a naked man was found floating in Tilikum’s pool. He was killed from a mixture of drowning and hypothermia. Tilikum had bitten the man but it wasn’t concluded whether this was before or after death.

Tilikum doesn’t take part in any work with trainers, this isn’t down to his possible aggression but down to him not knowing his own strength.

Who knows what will happen to Tilikum i have seen a statement from Diane Gross, “said Ms Brancheau, who was married with no children, would not want anything done to the whale because of her affection for the animals.”

Tilikum Orca

Harrogate & Ripon Google Street View *Part 2*

It looks like Google has been busy with street view recently; Studley Royal and Fountains Abby have both been put on. Also you may notice that the length of the A1 has been put on. Malham Tarn has also been added.
The A64 from York to Leeds has been added to Google Street View and the A166 from York to Driffield.

The A1 must of been photographed in the summer of 2009 as the Rainton A1 South bound services are still there and they were knocked down around the end of summer, also the petrol prices should be a rough time guide as well.

It can only now be a short time before Ripon and Harrogate get put onto Google Street View

Tom Chilton on ITV’s Take Me Out

Tom Chilton was on ITV’s Take me out which is hosted by the excellent paddy mcguinness, clearly none of the girls know he’s a BTCC driver.

It even showed you footage of him racing and of all the trophies he’s won.

He’s the last person i would expect to see on ITV’s Take Me Out.

While I watched it, as soon as that girl said wanted to live in America, i thought you stupid bint he’s a future BTCC champion he isn’t going to go to America to drive shitty NASCAR.