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Britains Best Male Actors

Joe Gilgun

Joe is now probably best known for his recent role in This is England 86.

Joe Gilgun

When i first saw This Is England the film i thought he was a great actor and played the part of Woody well. After the film he went on to Emmerdale where he played Eli Dingle. Joe’s voice makes him stand out from the crowd. He usually plays bit of a jack the lad style character.

David Tennant

I did a Post on David Tennant when he left Dr Who, saying how hes been the best recent Dr Who and how when Matt Smith leaves they should bring him back.

Heres a Youtube clip containing varying scenes from the last Dr Who series

He’s doing a new program called Single father, which looks really good. Its great to see him back on TV, even if it isn’t as the Dr.

Dean Lennox Kelly

You’ll probably know him best as Kev Ball from Shameless, yes he had a ring’d Ford XR3i. After this he didnt really do much.

He did appear as Shakespeare though in Dr Who and he did a really funny film called Frequently Asked Questions About Time travel, and below is the funniest sketch from the film and shows Dean at his best.

Ricky Tomlinson

He’s done a few films, but is famously known and associated with Jim Royle. The Royle Family was a massive hit in the 1990’s and is one of those programs you could watch all day. Jim always makes a joke about Cheryl’s weight which i love. Best shown around 40 seconds into the below clip

Take That Sing The Flood Live on The X Factor

I cant find a good quality video to share so this will have to do.

This was a live performance taken from the XFactor, and you can truely see how much Robbie gets in to it.

At around 4:30 Robbie gets his own bit and he really gives it his all. he might be spurred on slightly by monkey boy who also gets right into it. but this is now truely the Robbie Show and it shows how much he completes Take That.

check it out here in HD

Jason Manford What Goes Around Comes Around

Well Jason Manford is from Manchester so really i shouldn’t like  him but i do because he one of the funniest comedians, unlike that floppy haired dick Michael McIntyre. So for this Manchester is the North and its North Vs South.

I’ve loved all of Jason Manfords material and was really looking forward to seeing him at the Harrogate International Centr until he cancelled, now fair enough you expect him to re do the gig, and that its likely to be a one of tv appearance. But oh no its not been of the TV since.

So when i looked on todays newspapers to find out hes been getting off on Skype with his female fans i really though “Up yours Manford,What Goes Around Comes Around”.

You’ve probably lost loads of money because you’ve quit the one show on the BBC, so if you return to doing Gigs to make money, you can sing for my hard earn’t cash.

Mary Byrne Should Sing Barcelona

For some reason i have now found my self tuning into the X Factor on a Saturday and Sunday night, and although Mary Byrne forgot the words during her stint in the judges house i think shes spot on at singing, shes able to sing and and low so has a great vocal range.

Here’s here singing last Saturday’s song which is fairly high.

And heres the week before.

She actually looks quite like Montserrat Caballe. Ok so shes cant do the opera signing like Montserrat Caballe but she can sing the Freddie Mercury lyrics, ok she probably cant hit has high as Freddie, but in honesty i don’t think she needs to as there. There’s probably some work behind the scenes that needs to be done, but its doable but the question is.

Does Mary save this song for when shes singing for survival, save it for the final (only if you have it nailed) or just use it on a Saturdays night. There’s the million dollar question.

Heres Freddie and Monrserrat singing live.

Bring Back Tennant To Dr Who

To me it seems like Matt Smith has use his role in Dr Who to raise his profile. Its claimed he will quit after his second series which will really bolster his Hollywood career since it will give him good ratings to see if a second series will still be as popular.

Christopher Eccleston only did it for one series as he didn’t want to be type casted as you’ve only done Dr Who, well that fair enough because he didn’t shifty off to Hollywood (Remember Gone In 60 Seconds). Also he hasn’t done that much since he left Dr Who years ago.

When Smithy dies whats stopping David Tennant coming back, he did the role so well, Matt Smith is good don’t get me wrong but David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston where oh so much better.

RIP Shadrach Dingle

Shadrach Dingle arrived in Emmerdale on the day of Butch Dingles funeral, as usual Shadrach ended up getting really drunk and falling asleep in the church, This made Zak Dingle his brother mad but Zak withheld from doing anything as he had an affiar with Shadrach’s wife Faith, this fling with Faith ended up with Cain Dingle been born and he was raised to think that Shadrach was his father, but later discovered Zak was his true father and it was his uncle that had been bringing him up.

Shadrach Dingle is played by Andy Devine and is aged 67. He has recently thinned out his appearances, only coming back for major story lines as he felt he would struggle with a busy schedule due to his age.

Shadrach Dingle

Shadrach Dingle