Mcdonalds Ripon : I’m Not Loving It

Out of sheer frustration i really hope someone from Mcdonalds read this.

About a fortnight ago i went for  drive through meal, when i got home i discovered i’d got someone else’s order. Firstly i don’t know how they manage to cock stuff up as they write the last 3 letters of you numberplate on the receipt. This is suppose is a fool proof plan to stop people getting the wrong orders, only it doesn’t work. I went back and got my order only they’d been keeping it warm on top of the chip heater thing and it was awful to eat to say the least. I reckon my food was sat there at least 10 minutes

Anyway i went last night placed my order waited in the grill bay which i don’t mind if my order is right, some young lady come out tries to give me someone else’s order before another employee comes out saying that that order was for the car next to me and his order was for me.
Surprise surprise its the wrong order again when i get home. Furiously i stormed back up top Mcdonalds and said thay I’d got the wrong order. The guy that served me was the guy that told me to park up. He seemed understanding that I’d got the wrong order and said he’d get it sorted. Also i got a free mcflurry off manager dude lewis which was kind of not to bad. 5 minutes later i got my order and a sorry your order was wrong and i hope it doesn’t happen again (which it probably will) oh and a free VALUE meal voucher.

I don’t know how Mcdonalds in Ripon can be so slack i mean, I’ve been to ones in London where its packed and they get loads of orders and they don’t cock it up, even harrogate doesn’t fudge everything up.

In honesty if Burger King was still on the A1 I’d go there instead because Mcdonalds in Ripon needs to shape up or shit out.

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