Mary Byrne Should Sing Barcelona

For some reason i have now found my self tuning into the X Factor on a Saturday and Sunday night, and although Mary Byrne forgot the words during her stint in the judges house i think shes spot on at singing, shes able to sing and and low so has a great vocal range.

Here’s here singing last Saturday’s song which is fairly high.

And heres the week before.

She actually looks quite like Montserrat Caballe. Ok so shes cant do the opera signing like Montserrat Caballe but she can sing the Freddie Mercury lyrics, ok she probably cant hit has high as Freddie, but in honesty i don’t think she needs to as there. There’s probably some work behind the scenes that needs to be done, but its doable but the question is.

Does Mary save this song for when shes singing for survival, save it for the final (only if you have it nailed) or just use it on a Saturdays night. There’s the million dollar question.

Heres Freddie and Monrserrat singing live.

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