Marine Fish Choose Carefully

So my marine tank is pretty small as its a D-D24g making it around 100 ish litres. its been running now for around 1 year.

The water’s always been stable and it has 2 clowns, 1 Yellow Clown goby and Bi-Colour Blennie in.

I saw a Valentini Puffer Fish probably over 1 year ago now in my local LFS. But i steered clear even though it was a lovely example. Anyway i decided a few months back that i’d order on and try one out knowing that they can nipp fins.

So i got one and it fed straight away on flak and pellet and everything was fine for around a month and half, but then i came down one morning to notice that my female clown had have a fin missing and the male with a circle hole in his, a trade mark of a bite from a puffer. I put this down to the fact that its only the clowns that cant hid in the rocks due to there sizes.

Lesson learnt if they are known for fin nipping then you’ll probably encoutner it

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