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Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton

Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton is a great food for your marine reef.

I currently use it to help feed my Orange Fan Sponge Coral, since its a filter feeder it won’t benefit from flake or pellet. So i need to feed it another way and this is with Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton, with it been a filter feeder it gets its food from particles that pass through it. So the more Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton that is in the water the better and more likely it will be to survive.

My Nano is around 24 gallons so i feed to pipets daily. I keep it in the fridge so that it will last longer around 8 weeks. also i turn it over daily to stop Phytoplankton settling.

Since Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton is at the bottom of the food chain everything benefits from it in a way. Mysid Populations increase which in turn increases Copepods, which the fish will feed from.

So what will Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton do for my tank

Brighter Corals

Faster Than Average Coral Growth

Better Polyp Extension.

Well Ive definitely noticed better Polyp Extension and Coral Growth.

Since Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton doesn’t add any Phosphates or nitrates it will not affect your tank tests

New Era Aquaculture

I’ve had this tub of New Era Marine flake since November 2009, but since i don’t have loads of fish i don’t use much so i’m only now 13th August 2010 1/2 way through a tub.

Anyway a few months back i noticed that the lid was slowly starting to split at the top near the opening, i guess this is due to repeated opening in the same place causing a stress fracture type thing.

Anyway its now so bad that the flakes aren’t crisp anymore.

I dropped an email over to New Era Aquaculture expecting an email back in a few days, much to my suprise within minutes i was emailed back. See Below
Thank you for this feedback, we are currently looking into new packaging for our flakes and pellet which will combat this.  If you forward me your postal address i will send you a pot of marine flake to replace the one that has become too moist to use.

I think this is outstanding service from New Era Aquaculture and it will keep me using their products in the future

Thanks Guys

New Era Marine Flakes

Orange Fan Sponge

I got this small Orange Fan Sponge Coral in Pets At Home in Harrogate, i usually get the majority of my marine stuff from Cascade, then incase of an out break i can pin point the issue. But i sore this Orange Sponge Coral and it just looked so cool.

It turns out that the prettier your coral the more work and looking after they need. The Sponge coral is a filter feeder which in layman’s terms it takes its food from the water that passes over it. So it needs a good strong indirect flow so that its getting enough water passing on to it. Well i’ve  placed it near a Star Polyp which is always waving around so it should get a good flow.

Also it needs Nanno Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton) to feed on and i doubt my tank gets loads if any so i’m having to buy some, its not to expensive at £7 per 5ooml, that should be fed every day at around 10ml per daily dose. So it should last me around 7 weeks (if my maths is right), its recommended for it to be used within 10 weeks although it will freeze and last for upto 2 years.

Star Polyp Coral

I’ve got 2 Star Polyp Coral frag in my tank and they seem really easy to look after.

They look great with some flow going past them, they usually close up on a night time. I don’t feed them or anything they really do look after them self’s.

They are classed as a beginners coral as they aren’t that fussy about water parameters or anything so they are rather hardy.


Star Polyp Coral from rory lofthouse on Vimeo.

star polyp

Marine Fish Trap

I’ve been having problems with all 3 damsels that i have so decided that they needed to come out and go to the local fish shop. Netting them proved to be a pain as they just shot into the rocks, and i didn’t want to have to move all the rock and cause stress to other fish just to get these buggers out.

So i cut a 3 litre Robinson bottle along the wavey line above the label, which allows you to push the lid reversed into the bottom part of the bottle, cause a minnow style trap.

I put some frozen food into the bottle and left over night and presto 1 yellow tail damsel into the bottle over night

Robinsons Juice

SunSun Powerheads

I currently have 2 Nu Wave 22ooLHr  power heads in my tank, and i knew that i could probably do with one more.

Both of the Nu Waves where at the back of the tank pushing water to the front creating a ripple affect on the top of the water. But this after a while allowed all the shit to gather at the back of the tank.

Reluctant to spend and other £44 on a Nu Wave powerhead i decided to look for a cheaper alternative. I found some 3000LHr power heads on eBay for £15.

So a few days my new power head came long story short it came from this link All Pond Solutions. They call them wave makers and have a different category for power heads but the wave makers is where you need to be.

These SunSun powerheads are identical to Hydor Koralia powerheads which are very popular with Marine Aquariums.

The only few niggles i have is that the cable is slightly short so it needs to be near my electric 6 way gang, and its still slightly noisy. after 2 days of running.

SunSun 3000 Powerhead