2ft cube Marine aquarium

Marine Aquarium On A Budget : The Aquarium

This will be my third marine aquarium but only my second from new as my 2nd to 3rd was a tank down size.

I’m looking to do this setup on a limited budget but without cutting any major corners, must of the stuff i’m hoping to get 2nd hand so it should only cost a fraction of the price.

I’ve been looking for a 2ft cube aquarium which is quite a popular size and these don’t come up for sale often and when they do then they are bought pretty quickly.

I’d been looking daily on 3 main sources for the aquarium


2ft cube Marine aquariumI got mine through the last website www.aquarist-classifieds.co.uk, after around 3/4 weeks of looking a 2ft cube aquarium came up for £300, it was only 6 months old and was £699 new and its in a light oak colour.

It came with a light a clip on Metal Halide only 70w but it seems bright enough for what i need and its a good make a K2 Viper.

The only down side was that the tank was 2 hours away and a 4 hour trip in total which also cost me £70 in fuel. I can’t say whether the tank is water tight yet and this will be one of the last things i find out :(.
So there are a few downsides the tank needs  the below:

New Door Hinges, these rust easily and its pretty common on sumped marine aquariums

The SumpGlass & Perspex cover, glass for the tank this will stop a big loss of water from evaporation, also covering the sump with perspex, im choosing perspex as i can cut holes in the right places for the return pipe hose and the weir outlet, with glass this could prove a pain.

Plumbing I’ve currently spent around £13 on plumbing for the sump, there was no ball valve to control the flow of water out of the aquarium, its easier to sort this now than later, I’ve also bough a few jubilee clips and 2 new sections of hose.

My next job is to hover the remnants of the old sand out of the aquarium and the fully clean the inside of the glass with vinegar, ive already done 2 sides, and it looks a lot better already as most of the water marks have been removed. But when the tank was drained it was tipped on its side so the sand stayed on that side and has now dried on, this just needs brushing off and hoovering out.

Although buying a tank from a considerable way away does have draw backs, i feel that i couldn’t have bought one close to me in the same quality or age, or i’d of had a long wait

Tank & Sump and Lighting £300

Plumbing £14

Fuel £70

Total cost so far £384

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