Maidenhead Aquatics York

Maidenhead Aquatics have over 30 when you look on their website, and when i saw that there was one only 30 minutes away i thought it was worth the drive to go and visit.

Their magazine adverts always seem really good so i thought this would be a worthy trip turns out it was a waste of around 1 hr of my time that i’ll never regain.

Firstly the store isn’t even sign posted outside the garden centre that its located in. its locatred just of the A59 road within the Wyevale Garden Centre York. When i got parked up i found my self double checking this due to the lack of signage for Maidenhead Aquatics.

It isn’t until you get into the entrance of the garden centre that you see a tiny sign at the other end of the corridor mentioning Maidenhead Aquatics. even when you within the garden centre there where no signs or directions to the shop.

OK finding it wasn’t hard but i could easily of given up and not bothered going.

Since i’m into marine fish keeping freshwater really holds little value to me, although i do like looknig through the tanks.

Bit of a let down since there where no marine fish and it was full of tropicals and cold-waters.

There where some good cheap starter tanks their that i saw i think it was £180 for a 160 litre tank suitable for tropicals or even marine with some legwork, they even sold Interpet River Reefs.

If i kept tropicals then i would probably of bought from the York store of Maidenhead Aquatics. The tanks however where clean on the front which is always nice to see and encourages people to purchase over having display tanks covered in algae.

There where a few marine things like PH buffers and test kits, but nothing i don’t have or had any intention of purchasing.

Overall i think that that the Maidenhead Aquatics York store needs better signage and to offer some marine fish. Without a sign on the main road no one is going to know your there that’s a pretty basic cock up in my opinion. offering more fish gives you a better customer base.

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