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Morrison’s At Ripon Ram Raid Cash Machines Taken

A kick back to the early 90’s here.

The Ripon Store Of Morrison’s supermarket, was attacked on Thursday night at around 2am “Allegedly”

It appears that both cash machines have been taken, Nat west and Lloyds TSB had an ATM there. There just a huge Hole in the hole in the wall now.

Most modern cash machines have either explosive ink or smoke grenades inside to ruin any notes that are left in whilst the machine is stolen or tampered with, each machine when full can hold an average ok around 40K.

It is possible that the machines where full for the crowds of people ready to hit them for the friday big shop and weekend shopping, so at a guess they could of been filled up late thursday night.

It’s now clear that a jcb was used to knock down the wall and pull the cash machines out. The digger then escaped through the car park dropping down to the bottom of morrisons along side the by pass where a van was waiting.

Below is a copy of the police statement

“Police investigating the theft of two cash machines in Ripon are appealing for witnesses to help with their enquiries.

Officers were alerted at around 2.10am on Friday 4 June 2010 after reports of a raid at Morrison’s supermarket on Harrogate Road.

The offenders used a stolen agricultural vehicle to rip two ATM machines from the wall at the front of the store.

The vehicle was abandoned at the scene with the engine still running.”

Morrisons ripon no cash machines

Marine / Saltwater Aquarium Setup

I’ve been looking at getting a marine aquarium since i was first into fish, and i’m now past the point of putting it off.

The major problem i had is know what to get straight away and what can wait for a month or so. I want to try and keep things out of the aquarium such as filter and heater.

Buying an external heater is only around £30-£40 and a external canister filter can be around £80, but i’ve found a few aquariums that that include a fluvel 205, but in honesty id rather get a Fluval 305 is this is rated up to 300 litres.

I’m looking at getting a Juwel Rio 180 (180 Litres) maily due to cost, but i have found a Juwel 240 aquarium for £299 which isn’t a bad price at all. Although a Fluval 205 would be fine for a 180 litre aquarium i feel it would be running at capacity where as a Fluval 305 will have plently left in it as its rated for upto 300 litres.

Since i’m not looking at getting corals for the time been i don’t think a protein skimmer is a MUST but there again its only £30 for a basic one.

Ideally i’d like 2 common clown fish, regal tang  and a few other bits like shrimp and star fish.

I’m hoping that Christmas sales will see aquarium prices drop a little which might give me the chance to upgrade the protein skimmer.

Regal Tang

Regal Tang

Google Street View Ripon & Harrogate

Google Street View Car Opel Astra

Google Street View Car Opel Astra

Goole Street view really interests me and the closest its get to me is York and Leeds. I heard of a friend months ago that he had seen the Google street view car in Ripon, for the keener eye i also sported that it was a Euro import as it was badged up as an Opel and not a Vauxhall.

Anyway i was near the clock tower in Ripon, at the front of the traffic lights so hopefully i should be on street view when Ripon finally gets done, that’s if it was recording at the time.

I was so excited when I got back to work i told everyone, the car was heading up palace road and possible towards Masham.

I wonder how long it will take for the images to be put on to Google Street view.

The thing that puzzles me is where else will my car crop up, will it be on my drive, my parents drive, The work car park or elsewhere within Ripon.

I think this is something that not everyone will know what it is or recognise the importance of it

How Much Do Storage Heaters Cost To Run

Ok since i’m freshly moved into my own flat and its slowly becoming colder i have 2 things to face. Everyone has told me that stroage heaters will use loads of electricity and not produce much heat and no one can really give me a definetive awnser as to how much they use or cost to run.

On my over night meter i tend to use around 5-6Kwh which is usually the water tank warming back up to 40 OC and usual stuff like fridge and freezer. I thought a Oil heater / radiator might be cheaper to run so i just got an Argos own brand one for around £29.99 it only has 4 spines on it but it does get bloody hot, so on the night that i used that i had it running on a timer plug so that it wasnt on all night, all in it and for 6 30minute blocks on the lowest heat setting out of the 3 and i had the thermostat in the middle. To be honest the room wasnt that warm but equally it wasnt that cold but that chill from the room didnt seem as bad to me. The oil heater used around 3 extra Kwh which works out around 15p i think if you pay 5p for your night time rate per Kwh.

I had the storage heater set on the charge of 4 which is right in the middle as it ranges from 0-8. i thought this was kind of the only fair way to test. i’m trying to not release the heat until i go to bed tonight and i’ll let it  out slowly (hopefully). When i checked the meter it had used around 5-6Kwh which is the same as the oil heater. my methods arent that scientific but i have a rough guide to go on.
Tonight will be the test as this is when i’ll find out how long and how much heat the storage heater will give out.

I hope that someone will find this post useful as i found it bit of a mine field to storage heaters and how much electricity they will use.

Ok last night was the night where i’d use the heat from the storage heaters and they where ok on a low output setting but the heat didnt last that long and it wasnt that hot from them either.


I’ve now got one storage heater on in my hall way which i leave on all the time. its always got its output set to 0 which means the flap is closed but it still radiates heat. this keeps that nasty chill out of the hall way and my bedroom, and its only a small heater maybe 3 ft long. Also i have a another similar sized heater turned on both are on a charge of 5 out of 6, and last night 27 KHw was used.

I’d guess that the water heater will use a few units and other thing i have on like  fridge freezer and stuff. so even at 25KHw at say a high 7p per KHw, thats £1.75 for the cost of running my storage heaters  each night, which doesnt sound a lot but over a 30 day period thats £52

Storage Heater

Storage Heater