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Since we’ve now got 2 lawns to mow we use a petrol mower and cut around once a week in summer. I cut it last about a fortnight ago hoping that might do until after Christmas, but I’ve got a feeling it might want cutting again soon. When i cut it last it was dry to touch but the mower failed badly at picking it up once cut, so i’m probably going to end up cutting it again if we get a good dry week.

The thing that the garden is missing like Rhododendrons Daffodiles and other varying plants. But i really doubt i could be bothered looking after them even though they would add some nice colour.

We’ve got a cherry tree over hanging our garden and it drop’s cherrys so badly, it just makes a mess of the lawn. In Honesty i never cut it that neatly and if it was my lawn i’d like it perfect but hey ho. The mower we’ve got is quite old but its got a good engine that runs sweet as a nut, as it Briggs & Stratton 5HP.

How To Felt A Shed Roof

Ok So i had to felt my shed roof the other night. now i’ve done it slightly different to how others might.

I stripped the felt from the roof.

Since my felt wasn’t wide enough to cover  the she roof entirely i had to do it in two pieces.

I did the back half of the shed first from left to right, i measured one side and then just doubled it to make sure it was the right length for each side and then added 1/2 inch on just to be safe.

I covered the rear half of the shed first. I used metal felt tacks to attach the felt.

I put the felt level with the roof baton and nailed long the left hand side, its then best to go to the other side of the shed and make sure that the felt is tight and then nail in place at the other side.

Now you need to nail down the back side to fold the felt over by around 1″.

Once this is done its time to repeat the process with the next piece on the front half of the shed. You need to make sure that there is a good over lap of felt down the middle.

Some people will felt the left and side and then the right and where its short along the top, they will place another piece of felt over this and nail it in place. My only worry with this is that your making more holes in your felt than you need to.

Ok so we have a line down ours but you could easily seal this with some silicon sealant or just leave it as it shouldn’t be a issue

Morrison’s At Ripon Ram Raid Cash Machines Taken

A kick back to the early 90’s here.

The Ripon Store Of Morrison’s supermarket, was attacked on Thursday night at around 2am “Allegedly”

It appears that both cash machines have been taken, Nat west and Lloyds TSB had an ATM there. There just a huge Hole in the hole in the wall now.

Most modern cash machines have either explosive ink or smoke grenades inside to ruin any notes that are left in whilst the machine is stolen or tampered with, each machine when full can hold an average ok around 40K.

It is possible that the machines where full for the crowds of people ready to hit them for the friday big shop and weekend shopping, so at a guess they could of been filled up late thursday night.

It’s now clear that a jcb was used to knock down the wall and pull the cash machines out. The digger then escaped through the car park dropping down to the bottom of morrisons along side the by pass where a van was waiting.

Below is a copy of the police statement

“Police investigating the theft of two cash machines in Ripon are appealing for witnesses to help with their enquiries.

Officers were alerted at around 2.10am on Friday 4 June 2010 after reports of a raid at Morrison’s supermarket on Harrogate Road.

The offenders used a stolen agricultural vehicle to rip two ATM machines from the wall at the front of the store.

The vehicle was abandoned at the scene with the engine still running.”

Morrisons ripon no cash machines

HID Origin

HID origin, have been working tirelessly to bring you Specializing in HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting, LEDs and other related product HID origin has a selection of only the highest quality parts. The idea was to create a website where car enthusiast as will as other car users can find the products they need without feeling patronized or spoon fed but that also provides guidance for those who need it. You can search for relevant products by name, car manufacturer or follow a series of options that will guide you to where you’d like to be. The website also contains application guides, Tips, Advice and other information you may require when upgrading, finding replacement lighting parts. We have made every effort to make the website as user friendly and informative as possible but should there be any doubts

We respond to emails promptly and will happily provide expert guidance and advice that way.  Unlike many other websites that sell similar but lesser quality products at higher prices HID origin stocks the highest quality (often OEM parts) at the best value for money possible. If you can find the same product at a lower price at another business we will match the price. If we don’t have what you are looking for just ask and we will get it! Our prices even compete with those on ebay! But unlike ebay, where fly-by-merchants are common, our products are guaranteed to be new, genuine and come with professional advice, service and extensive warranties. So head over to HIDorigin and see which lighting product we have for your car.  One popular new item is the T10, 168, 192, 2825, Wedge Bulb, and S10 sized LEDs also Festoon LEDs (Link to LEDs). They comes in “cool white” or “pure white”. These can be fitted in a variety of places in place of a regular halogen wedge of festoon bulb.  These are found in the boot light, the in car light, side lights, door lights, etc. The bright yet cool daylight quality of light produced and adds an air of sophistication and prestige to your car.

HID Origin

Free Energy Efficient Light Bulbs from npower

Todays been a shit day for me, if your asking why then heres a list albeit short.

1. Filling at the dentist

2. Car/ Van Costing £207 to get mot’d and new front brakes

3. having flouride applied to my over sensitive teeth to find it tastes like tree sap

Anyway i came home to find one of those failed to be delivered letters in my letter box, well of course i couldn’t sign for it since i was at work. But the kind postie had managed to leave it behind umm a secret place. And to my surprise i have received some Free Energy Efficient Light Bulbs from npower.

2x 14 watt or 75 watt in old terms
2x 11 watt or 60 watt in old terms

Since morrisons where doing there own brand energy efficient for around 10p each its kind of a let down but no doubt that since these are rated for 10 years i will have used my free ones by the time i’m 36, oh im 25 now near 26.

Thanks Npower

Marine / Saltwater Aquarium Setup

I’ve been looking at getting a marine aquarium since i was first into fish, and i’m now past the point of putting it off.

The major problem i had is know what to get straight away and what can wait for a month or so. I want to try and keep things out of the aquarium such as filter and heater.

Buying an external heater is only around £30-£40 and a external canister filter can be around £80, but i’ve found a few aquariums that that include a fluvel 205, but in honesty id rather get a Fluval 305 is this is rated up to 300 litres.

I’m looking at getting a Juwel Rio 180 (180 Litres) maily due to cost, but i have found a Juwel 240 aquarium for £299 which isn’t a bad price at all. Although a Fluval 205 would be fine for a 180 litre aquarium i feel it would be running at capacity where as a Fluval 305 will have plently left in it as its rated for upto 300 litres.

Since i’m not looking at getting corals for the time been i don’t think a protein skimmer is a MUST but there again its only £30 for a basic one.

Ideally i’d like 2 common clown fish, regal tang  and a few other bits like shrimp and star fish.

I’m hoping that Christmas sales will see aquarium prices drop a little which might give me the chance to upgrade the protein skimmer.

Regal Tang

Regal Tang