Living In Yorkshire

Yorkshire RoseI’m lucky enough to live in what i believe to be the UK’s best county. It turns out I’m not alone checkout Lonely Planet says Yorkshire ‘one of top global places’.

Also we have some fabulous places to visit like York and the world famous Minster, just don’t drive over Lendal Bridge you’ll be charged £30 for doing so.

Whitby & Scarborough Both Historic and beautiful places although usually busy in Summer.

Huddersfield another traditional Yorkshire town also where Last of The Summer Wine is Filmed

Possibly our biggest claim to fame could be Sheffield, makers of the finest Stainless Steel

So if your proud to be from Yorkshire and what to shout about it then where does one turn, of course.

From T shirts to Beenies and Badges they stock it all with new design appearing on line all the time.

I’d also recommend checking them out on Facebook to at I Love Yorkshire.

2 thoughts on “Living In Yorkshire”

  1. I have the Hornby Dublo Canadian Pacific EDG3 train set.
    The loco has not been used for over 40 years, but is in decent condition and runs fine. The original box is a bit ratty.
    I also have the carriages from the EDG2 set plus 3 various freight cars AND the CP caboose.
    Can you suggest someone who would be interested in this rare locomotive?

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