Jason Manford What Goes Around Comes Around

Well Jason Manford is from Manchester so really i shouldn’t like  him but i do because he one of the funniest comedians, unlike that floppy haired dick Michael McIntyre. So for this Manchester is the North and its North Vs South.

I’ve loved all of Jason Manfords material and was really looking forward to seeing him at the Harrogate International Centr until he cancelled, now fair enough you expect him to re do the gig, and that its likely to be a one of tv appearance. But oh no its not been of the TV since.

So when i looked on todays newspapers to find out hes been getting off on Skype with his female fans i really though “Up yours Manford,What Goes Around Comes Around”.

You’ve probably lost loads of money because you’ve quit the one show on the BBC, so if you return to doing Gigs to make money, you can sing for my hard earn’t cash.

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