HTC Hero My Review !!

Yesterday i took a trip to harrogate to find a phone, i have been using a pass me down Blackberry 8100 for over a year and to be honest it its so basic its crap, but its really easy to type with and it has everything i need on the home screen, like my new txt’s, missed calls and calender. it was really easy to hold in one hand and txt and it  was never uncomfy to use.

i did have my heart set on a Blackberry Bold, but the salesman in phones 4U said that they would be discontinuing it but got me an equivalent out to try, also i had been looking at the unleased HTC HD2 but i couldn’t be bothered waiting, so i had a look at the HTC Hero.
The Blacbkerry was hard to navigate without a track ball which instantly put me off the RIM phone, also i didn’t want to have to pay the £5 to get connections to my emails and for traffic reports.

At first i did find the sales guy a little pushy but looking around the phones 4u store none of the other sales people seemed to be so i just carried on. After playing with the HTC Hero for a few minutes i loved it more than my blackberry. He sid that he could do 600minutes unlimited txt’s and 500mb monthly for £30 making the HTC hero £0 (me likes £0) so ok its more than the monthly spend that i wanted by £5 but orange let you alter service plan after 6 months so no biggy.

He asked me what i was doing with my old Blackberry 8100, (it was very battered with dust in the screen) i told him i was going to re case it and stick it on eBay as it was unlocked and i expected around £40 for it, then he offered me a cash trade in, me thinking that id get around £10, i was surprised to hear the words £50 come out of his mouth. so i soon handed it over as i sounded a good deal to me.
Ok so i’ve had the HTC Hero for around a day and i’v got a few niggles.

1. There seems no easy way to save numbers from a txt message screen, ie f its a new number sending a txt.

2. I find it quite hard to hold and text in one hand and the hit the return key.

I suppose 2 isnt many for the time been but i’m sure the list will grow over the coming few days.

HTC Hero Review

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  1. E-mail works great and show up about 20 secs after I truly receive the e-mail for me (astounding time) Calendar is synced with Outlook and Google Calendar for my business and personal life. Several apps at once, unlike iPhone only able to run 1 app.

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