HTC Hero 2.1 Update Here For Orange

Well finnaly its here, i was on the HTC support site this morning and noticed they had a new rom for the Orange HTC Hero., i downloaded it and tried it but it claimed it was the same flash version as mine.

Anyway i gave it a go and i got a new option for checking for updates, so i gave that a go, first of all i got a small update which didn’t really make any difference to the phone its self. Then when i checked for updates again i got another update which had OTA (Over The Air) in the name, i downloaded that and after the install, i knew things where diffrent as the load screen was changed slightly to just an orange logo and there was a HTC wallpaper.

I’ll get some photos later.

Heres the link to the firmware update that my phone claimed it had, but it initiated the 2.1 overall

My HTC Hero now has a Firmware Verson of 2.1 Update1

More to come

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