How To Felt A Shed Roof

Ok So i had to felt my shed roof the other night. now i’ve done it slightly different to how others might.

I stripped the felt from the roof.

Since my felt wasn’t wide enough to cover  the she roof entirely i had to do it in two pieces.

I did the back half of the shed first from left to right, i measured one side and then just doubled it to make sure it was the right length for each side and then added 1/2 inch on just to be safe.

I covered the rear half of the shed first. I used metal felt tacks to attach the felt.

I put the felt level with the roof baton and nailed long the left hand side, its then best to go to the other side of the shed and make sure that the felt is tight and then nail in place at the other side.

Now you need to nail down the back side to fold the felt over by around 1″.

Once this is done its time to repeat the process with the next piece on the front half of the shed. You need to make sure that there is a good over lap of felt down the middle.

Some people will felt the left and side and then the right and where its short along the top, they will place another piece of felt over this and nail it in place. My only worry with this is that your making more holes in your felt than you need to.

Ok so we have a line down ours but you could easily seal this with some silicon sealant or just leave it as it shouldn’t be a issue

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