Hotel Haiti Can Picafort

We’ve just got back from a week away at the Hotel Haiti in Can Picafort. Like everything on the web as soon as i put Hotel Haiti Can Picafort in Google I was flooded with sites like Tripadvisor & Holidaywatchdog. But as with anything these sites can be flooded with artifical reviews. There was a good mixture of good and bad reviews from;

Just returned from 10 days at the Haiti Hotel in Can Picafort Majorca and can’t fault it. The hotel spotlessly clean, staff friendly and food good” to “what an awful hotel,i never saw a waiter smile,rooms to small,entertainment rubbish

So I didnt really know what to expect from the Haiti Hotel.


Hotel Haiti Can Picafort RoomYes the rooms are pretty small and moving around between me and my wife at times was a bit close. The rooms where really clean and we couldnt fault the hotel here. Theres no tv currently in the room although there are 2 aerial points on the wall and a powerpoint near by so we guess that at one point there was a smaller portable TV located on the wall, but since its recently been re decorated i figured that a small chunky TV looked worse than no TV. But it did state in the Brochure no TV, but in honesty we didnt really miss it but family with smaller kids might find a TV a great help. The only thing that majorly bugged me was the older style light fittings that look pre 1980’s they may not be but since there was wood stain on the lamp shade i guess they aren’t new. For the sake of a few euros this would really transform the bedroom for me. We where located to the rear of the hotel which was fine during the day as you didnt get any noise from the pool on the other side. But on a night you could hear the evening entertainment so its swings and rounderbouts on this one.

Our bathroom was pretty new and we where on the fourth floor, it was covered wall to floor in polished stone and had Roca Whitewear, the bath was a ceramic one which was nice as most hotels have plastic or metal ones. The bath also had a shower encoroprated which was really good but at times you could feel the water temperature changing slightly which i guess is down to other holiday makers turning on or off their showers. I noticed that one room on the third floor still had an older style bathroom so i guess that the Hotel Haiti is slowly re doing all of the bathrooms.

Hotel Markus Park Evening ViewThe Balcony was slightly small but it had a small white patio table and two chairs and a very usuful clothes rack to dry shorts and smaller towels during the day. It also gave me the chance to take some slow exposure shots with my little Sony P200 digital Camera.


The food was really nice and we couldnt fault it apart from after a few days it got a bit samey as you knew that breakfast would always bring bacon, sausages amongst others. But there was plenty of fresh fruit and the yoghurts where lovely.

The Catering team where always helpful and would often clear your table away really quickly, often me and my wife would go to get pudding on a evening and we would come back to a freshly set table which did become bit of a pain as we had to go for pudding one at a time, but its better than having your plates sat on your tables for ages, the food was always well presented almost as if the kitchen staff took great pride in there work.

Hotel Inside

Generally the hotel was pretty clean the carpets on the room floors 1 and up where stained in places and heavily worn where people came down the stairs and turned quickly to get around the corners. I did notice a few plastic cups where left by the top step for a day or so, so I’m not sure why these weren’t moved by the cleaners and the same for a crushed pringle on a stair. But our rooms where cleaned well and we had fresh towels everyday.

The lifts are very small and although it says it can fit four people in, unless you know those four people your probably best using the other lift, as you are really close together and if your a bit bigger build then you’ll be touching. Walking up the stairs for me did become a drag after 2 days of doing so. But the lifts seem to take ages to come and if they have to cope with the whole hotel no wonder they take there time coming to you.

Hotel Outside

This is where my biggest gripe is. Although there are litterbins by the pool side the grass was littered with used fag ends, plastic cups (which towards the end of our week, we saw more presence from bar waiters picking up) laid on my sun lounger and without moving my head i could easily pick out at least five used cigarette butts each appearing to be a week older than the other. This really put me of walking bare footed on the grass and would put me off bringing my daughter and letting her play on the grass. I know this isn’t something the hotel can stop as its individuals but the Hotel Haiti could be more proactive towards it. Getting a sun-lounger was bit of a pain during the day if you didn’t put your towel on one at 8am in the morning, this ruined my late morning lie in’s.

Here is bit of a panoramic view from one of the sun loungers.
The White over flow grills on the side of the pool where pretty well covered with green algae, 30 minutes with a pressure washer would have these looking like new. The pool its self was spot on, around the top was really clean, and i couldnt see or feel any broken or missing tiles. The life guard was almost like a dummy only moving at 12 for lunch. but on the other hand i never saw anyone drowning.


At times the evening entertainment was appalling the one night we stayed up was to see Abba Too which is two girls singing Abba Songs. Eva Heywood as Frida and Michelle Bang as Agnetha. Firstly I use the word sing in the lightest of terms the Abba Too girls song random lines out of the songs they performed actually not performed more karaoke. We managed to catch them doing a promo song in the afternoon and they came along to a little girl who they tried to get to sing along. But since she only knew those few words we soon heard Abba singing as the act stopped singing hoping the girl would carry on. There where some other acts like a Beatles and Take That tribute act. i can only hope that these are / where better. If you look on YouTube for Girls So Loud this was a Girls Aloud tribute act and they sound pretty good through dodgy recordings

We managed to do the quiz on night which is run by the in house entertainment team, who where really friendly and very helpful. We missed the first half of the quiz. but the guy gave me a few picture sheet questions to help me catch up. There was a good mix of questions som slightly hard and some pretty easy.

Hotel Haiti Can Picafort Bar AreaThe entertainment area was pretty small so if you wanted to sit close to the front you had to be sat down at about 8pm if not earlier to catch the show at 9.30. The hotel could really do with expanding this area out to the back of the hotel which isn’t used as much this would give a bigger bar area and a good sized entertainment sector allowing more people to see the shows.


The Hotel Haiti is located well in Can Picafort, and is only a 10 minute stroll to the lovely beaches. it is a down hill walk so coming back in the heat can make it seem longer. The hotel is located however next to the main road, but you don’t tend to notice the noise that much only when a big truck or police car comes past are you made more aware of it.


If i had the chance to comeback to the Hotel Haiti  in Can Picafort then yes i would as long as it was a late deal and the price was right. If there was another hotel that offered the same but had a TV then we’d probably choose that one as it would of been nice for some background noise. The Hotel Haiti was clean all the staff where friendly and nice and you couldn’t really complain about the standard of food.

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  1. i love this hotel the life guard is hot and we will get married tell him to call me, (Mobile Number Removed), he has blackish hair and wears a blue coat. thanks jess. xxxx

  2. Hi Eva

    Thats my thought but then again i am not some music mogul like Simon Cowell or Sean Combs, Also it would be Libel and not Slander, as i wrote and it wasn’t spoken

  3. Rory

    That is very childish of you to write as my co worker

    Ok might be your opinion. However to publish on a website for the whole world to see is not fair. Maybe you’re just jealous we didn’t bring you on to the stage with us

    in regards to the music you heard. They are called backing vocals used by all groups to strengthen the song and in that case only in the chorus. No one can sing 5 different voices at the same time can they. Or do you possess this amazing ability!

    To go into such great detail in writing about us and going out of your way I’m flattered to say the least. But still karaoke… no. How about trained singers together with over 15 professional years behind them

    we are ring ring abba tribute. And not abba too in mallorca. And never advertised as abba too. So why did you say we were abbatoo. And also put our full names on. We only said our names were Eva and Michelle.

    good one!

  4. Hi Eva

    The other comment was made by my colleague as a joke, so i have removed that for you.

    Its funny that since this is my own website i can write what i like, to be honest i wouldn’t want to go on stage, as i was happy with you 2 working hard to entertain the hotel, whilst i was kicking back sipping gin and juice at the bar.

    Oh yeah backing vocals like Cheryl and Rhianna use, as they have really extensive dance routines. I didn’t say you or anyone could sing five voices, but surely you could just sing the girls part and do anyway with the rest of ABBA.

    To be honest i didn’t write that much about you, the whole post is only 1520 words in total and only 115 words where about you guys, so that’s around 7% which isn’t much at all, is it.

    If your called Ring Ring ABBA Tribute, why is your website and not

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