Hornby Dublo LT25 Class 8F

This is one of my favourite Loco’s that my dad has, when i was younger i was fascinated by the smaller wheels that the 8F locohad. It would pull and pull all day it could be laden down with a good 10 petrol tankers and still pull well.

Since the track was only laid down once or twice a year this is one of those locos that started of slow and needing warming up on first run and then it would be fine.

In my memory i think its been re magnetised once, they main issue is the solder gets weak that connectors the power tender to the loco and this often snapped.

I can’t remeber when or where my dad bought this loco or even how much it cost. but its still one of the best he has.

Hornby Dublo LT25 Class 8F

4 thoughts on “Hornby Dublo LT25 Class 8F”

  1. My father bought one for me in 1957, I was the hero in Buenos Aires, where we lived till 1980. I still keep it

  2. Hi Rory
    My 8F is my only locomotive that survived from my childhood Hornby Dublo and is therefore also my favorite. It is complete with the box, instructions and even remnants of the original yellow packing tissue. I’m not bothered about boxes and such but I mention it because the e-bay sales of such items usually get a little bit silly.

    Your comment on your 8F needing to warm up a bit before it ran smoothly is very interesting. Mine suffered exactly the same.

    I say “suffered” past tense because I have to own up to something very silly now. Although there are plenty of warnings out there about WD40 not being a lubricant – it is a wax! – I never-the-less lubricated my 8F and some of my rolling stock with it a few years ago and they are now slightly gummed up, so I won’t be trying to run them until I get around to a decent clean and lube job!

    I wrote about starting my Hornby Dublo in Montreal, Canada, in your Canadian Pacific String and I bought my 8F in 1958 or 9 there. Along side it in the shop was the very rare version of the B0-B0 with no buffers to try and look like a North American loco. I chose the 8F partly because the B0-B0 didn’t look right to me, but mainly because my Dad thought that Diesels were the Devil incarnate and I thought I would be turned away from the door if I turned up with one!! LOL!

    Cheers, DB

  3. there was one of those no buffer diesels on ebay it was very highly priced. i think we use a 4 in 1 lube on top of the armature and maybe a tiny drop o wheel links. our 8f wad always really slow and juddery to start with. i dont think my dads stuff has been run for 10 is years maybe due to lack of room. i think some have been run like his paddy. since i bought him the atholl/sheffield conversion a year back and he wanted to run it and a few others came out of the cabinet. do you have any pictures of your HD 3.

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