Hornby Dublo 3 Rail / Restoration

My dads always been a collector and fan of Hornby Dublo 3 Rail stuff, and its kind of rub’d off on me.

Hornby Dublo EDG17 0-6-2 Tank Goods Train

Hornby Dublo EDG17 0-6-2 Tank Goods Train

Ever since i was little i can remember him letting me play with his trains. When my dad started collecting when he was a boy back in the 60’s and had a few loco’s and bits of track. when i was a toddler he started collecting again and he now has quite a collection and is only missing a few of the rarer trains, such as the candadian pacific, barnstable, the rarer 8F and the Matt Silver King oh and the little diesel shunter.

A few years back we got hold of a Duchess of Atholl as a non runer so we stripped it down and its b een like that ever since.

I was on ebay a few nights back and saw a guy who restored the locos, and he looks to do a brilliant job.

Castle Clun BR Blue

Castle Clun BR Blue

The Bristol Castle was always my favorite loco to run thanks to its immense pulling power . Although my dads did seem to need remagnetizing every few years. so i think some neo magets might need to be bought.

Anyway i’ve been in cotact with a guy who does Hornby Dublo Restorations over at http://www.smartrestorations.co.uk and he’s given me a list of livery’s for the loco and names, i’m just waiting pictures of them so that i can choose one and then hopefully we can get underway.

2 thoughts on “Hornby Dublo 3 Rail / Restoration”

  1. Just decided to sell my old set.
    All in very good condition. Much in original boxes and good running order.
    Dochess of Atholl, Bristol Castle , BHP Diesel / Electric and LMS
    Tank Engine. All with carriages, trucks and rail and equipment.
    Shame, I’m too old to keep it and no grandchildren interested.
    Full list available if you know anyone that’s interested.

    Kind regards, Malcolm Norris Broxbourne Herts

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