Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL7 0-6-2 LMS Black Tank Loco No.6917

This is another one of my Locos and it Carry’s the most sentimental value to me. It was bought at an auction with a job lot and it was pretty tatty to say the least, and my dad won’t put any old shit out.

He made a simple spray paint jig out of metal for the body at work, which allowed him to rotate the body easily. Ok its not rocket science to spray a solid black tank and then do the front and rear buffer beams, but getting the paintwork perfect is the hard bit, and to my eye it looks fine. Its even got the official Hornby transfers on.

This is the less common of the LMS tanks as it has the more styled font type on.

This little tank always runs really well and never gives any problems.

Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL7 0-6-2 LMS black Tank Loco No.6917

5 thoughts on “Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL7 0-6-2 LMS Black Tank Loco No.6917”

  1. Hello there, just wanted some advice really 🙂 I’ve got an EDL07 in black with the numbers 6917 on it that was my dads. It still works perfectly and is unrestored with original paint. I’d give it 6-7 out of 10 for condition as it has some scratches to the roof. Also there is no box and it has been “well played with” as these things should so the buffers are scratched and have paint wear. I just wondered what its value might be. Its not for sale as its quite sentimental but I am curious as to whether I should let my nephew play with it or not.
    Many thanks, Lee

  2. Hi Lee

    Youre probably looking at it been valued at about 25 tops id say since it has no box and its pretty play worn.

    Cheers Rory

  3. Hello, I have a EDL7 tank locomotive still in the box. It has very little wear, however, I’m not sure if it runs. I found it when my mother and I where going through uncle’s stuff after he died. This was back around 1994 when I found it and my mother said she always remembered him with his trains. What I’d like to know is that, is there any way to find out how old it is and what it’s worth is. It does have some sentimental value but I rather see someone get a better value out of it. At this point I’d like to see someone own it who enjoys model trains.

    Thank you, Ralph

  4. Query please,
    I have a Hornsby LMS 6917 Locomotive
    and 1 Hornsby LMS carriage with the no. 730026 and a second no. 20T on it.
    A second carriage which is Hornsby and has FISH printed on the carriage door with
    168975 on one side and opposite 8-12
    Also 2 pieces of original Track.
    No boxes for them and in Fair Condition
    My query is the value of them please
    I can uplift photo’s to your email if needed

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