Hornby Dublo 3-Rail Canadian Pacific

The Train that everyone wants but hardly anyone has. I think I’ve ever only seen 2 of these at swapmeets and they usually have a very high price tag usually over £500. The majority of these went of to Canada so finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack, find a mint one is near impossible.

The Canadian Pacific came in two sets.

Hornby Dublo 3-Rail EDG3 Canadian Pacific Freight Set

Yes you guessed it it comes with freight wagons a Bogie Brick Wagon, Bogie Bolster Wagon and Canadian Pacific Caboose No.437270 which is the Guards van.

Hornby Dublo 3-Rail EDG3 Canadian Pacific Freight Set

And the second set isthe  Hornby Dublo 3-Rail EDP2 Canadian Pacific Passenger Set

Hornby Dublo 3-Rail EDP2 Canadian Pacific Passenger Set
The Canadian Pacific Caboose No.437270 is missing from the above set as it only came with the freight set, and it really only fits with the Canadian Pacific loco so that is often seen with price tags around £250.

The metal guard on the front of the loco is the cow snatcher, in case any livestock happens to be on the line whilst the train ran.

The loco was available on its own reffered to as the A Hornby-Dublo EDL2 Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive No. 1215 and Tender.

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  1. I have several Canadian Pacific Hornby pieces that I inherited from a friend in Canada. I have freight and passenger sets but only on loco number 1215. I am trying to figure out which pieces are truly unique to the CP sets. What are the numbers of the cars in these CP sets? I have several Brick cars and several Bogie Bolster cars, but they have subtle differences. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Brick and Bogie bolsters could be bought seperatly, so id imagine that only 1 of each is from the set.

    I didnt know that there was any differences. Such as ?

  3. I have two different graphics on the Brick wagons I have. One has the letters NE above the 50T and it says “Return to Fletton” on the side. The other has nothing above the 50T and it says “empty to Fletton” ??? Also was the diecast cable reel marked “Henley” a load for a specific car? How were the passenger coaches for the CP set marked? I have several passenger coaches that are mixed together? Thanks.

  4. A little more. The brick wagon that has the NE also has a frame painted the same color as the car. The other one has a black frame. Thanks.

  5. There where 2 brick wagons done, the more common one is the Black framed one”Empty To Fletton” manufactured 1953-58 BR No. E163535this was part of the British Railways Rolling Stock. The Brick wagon with “Return to Fletton” is the Pre Nationalistaion version IE LNER. LNER No. 163535.

    I’d say that the correct Brick wagon for the set is the Black framed one”Empty To Fletton”

  6. I’ve not seen that cable drum, this might of been a Dinky item.

    As far as i’m aware no specific CP coaches where made, any pictures or makrings will help id these for you.

  7. I had the HD CPR freight train as shown above, as a child in the late 50’s in Montreal. Terrific to see the pics here. Thanks!

    I bought a pair of BR 1st/2nd and brake carriages at our local “Five and Dime” shop to go with it. These were the scarlet and cream colour scheme which was very similar to one of the CPR colour passenger car schemes. I never came across the LMS full scarlet scheme, but that does not mean it was not sold there. The other CPR colour scheme at the time was all red, so these carriages would have fitted.

    I also purchased a couple of bogie well wagons which also fitted the Canadian trains, having bogie wheels.

    Note that the box for the freight set has no power controller. I remember this to be the case, and I presume this was because the mains over there is 110V. That leaves me wondering about the passenger train box which shows a controller, unless it was produced for the British market.

    When we returned to the UK in the 60’s I’m afraid I butchered both the loco and the caboose in an attempt to turn them back into a Dutchess and a common or garden brake van!!!!!!! Oh Dear!!


  8. Re – the brick wagon. I had the feeling that the wagon that came with the set in Canada had some reference about “London Brick” on it somewhere, but looking at all my present day brick wagons, I can only find “Empty to Fretton” and one of them is the one from Canada, but not sure which. I will keep looking. My HD collection is packed away somewhere all over the house. Good excuse to get it all out!

  9. Hi Dave

    Thanks for the comments. Theres two versions of that brick wagon, the black based one is british railways rolling stock,and the other is LNER pre nationalisation. also the LNER one says Return to Fretton. These seem to hold a higher value in the UK market over the Empty To Fretton.

  10. Theres a few full Red sets of coaches. Shame you didnt leave it as the CP as they are really rare now.

  11. When I left home for college in 65, I left behind my Hornby Dublo and didn’t give it much thought for 25 years or so. Then, I was at a local model train exhibition in the early 90’s and I heard this “zing” sound across the hall. It rang such a bell, but I couldn’t figure out what or why!

    Crossed the hall to find an exhibition track of Hornby Dublo 3 rail. The sound of the metal wheels on the tinplate track is so very distinctive and took me right back to my youth. Bit of a moment!!

    Started collecting HD 3 rail stuff with and it has got a bit out of hand now!!! I try to stick to 1950’s stuff more to keep the numbers down and the spending restricted, than for any other reason.

    I’d love to get hold of a 1215, but I’m not sure I could justify the cost of one. I’d need to build a tunnel in my layout where I could hide it when my other half is around!!

    I have a spare Dutchess of Atholl that needs some TLC and a thought that has occures to me is that I could convert it into a CPR.

    All that is needed would be a cow catcher, headlamp paint job and decals. I could go one better and make the lamp operational and also add on a bell (required for USA / Canadian locos and very iconic to the North American modeller). I remember wanting a bell back in the 50’s!

  12. Hi Dave

    my dad took me to exhibitions back in the 90’s when i was around 7, i can always remeber wanting to see the 3 rail layouts as i could compare there stuff to my dads. I always wanted a perminant layout, but we had a loft converted in our old house and we once worked out we must of had 600ft + of track down. ones he managed to get 4 outter tracks going adn a smaller inner track for me, but it was pretty brain heavy keeping control of everything. So after that one holiday we only ever had 2 outs tracks and then a larger inner for me.

    You can often pickup 3 rail stuff pretty cheap on ebay for some nice rolling stock.

    http://www.smartrestorations.co.uk/ do a great job of restoring spare’s and repairs i can speak truely on this checkout an atholl we got sorted out.

    My dads colletion is pretty big and would love to see it in its full running glory again

  13. I have a full set of the Hornby Dublo EDP2 3 Rail Canadian Pacific Passenger Set (no box). I got it as a child for Christmas over sixty years ago. I’m interested in selling.

  14. You won’t believe, Just two weeks ago I saw an advertisement on our Dutch Marktplaats the most important trading site in our country.
    The sales party offered a Hornby Dublo Canadian 1215 loco with tender made in 1953 and is a special edition on a universary of the Canadian Railways in those days. It is decorated with CNR green mapple leaf logo also on the tender. De Dutch man was 63 years old and became it from his Canadian uncle 55 years ago and almost never played with the train. It was included the brick wagon (emty to Fretton”)and bogie bolster, rail, controller, oil in origional bottle, tool to open the loc, warrantee tag, instruction leaflet, rail plan leaflet but not the box. It is all in near mint condition and also a carbon box full of Faller model plastic houses. I paid 160 euro only. Unfortunately no Carboose! but I do not complain at all!
    Regards, Dick

  15. Hello from Canada,
    Hi Rory, I have the Canadian Pacific 437270 Caboose and pleased to see in a few places that it is rare. I do have a concern however, my caboose is red and black; we always waved at the little red caboose when I was young (on real trains I mean). Has someone painted this as I cannot find other than the totally black model online? Thanks alot

  16. Hi Peggy

    Nice to see that my blog gets all the way to Canada. I am almost sure that the caboose only came in black. Someone may have altered or re painted yours though do you have any pictures

  17. Well a picture is worth a thousand words! after downloading the pics, it appears quite obvious to me that it was a home paint job. looked good to the naked eye. do you suppose i could attempt to remove this paint to return it to original? i realize it depends on what they used but maybe if i knew the hornby process i could ask around. i will still gladly send a pic if you like.

  18. I was lucky enough to get a CPR engine only(no tender) as a Christmas present in 1955 when I lived in Canada,it is still going strong.Rgds to all Martin

  19. I moved to Canada from the UK 7 years ago and brought a large collection of HD 3 rail with me, but was lucky enough to find and buy the CPR passenger set, in box (all working, but box not great), when I got here.

  20. Heyyo Rory
    I was glad to find someone with a site about the CPR. I have both sets with all pieces in working condition but a little beat up. I played with them a lot as a kid. I had a 4×8 table with legs completely covered in track and an entire rural route set up with train crossings with working crossing lights, gates, trees ect… and the train station. One of my best memories of childhood. Unfortunately my parents not realizing what it was, sold the table with all the track and accessories in a garage sale for 20 bucks.
    I do still have the train station with the foot bridge and a extra engine 69567 along with the CPR freight set and passenger set.
    My local hobby shop told me these old trains not worth much anymore.
    I know he was trying to get me to give the whole box up for 20-30 bucks, but I’m not that gullible.
    I was wondering if you knew anyone I could send pictures too to get an honest appraisal. Not sure if I’m gonna set them up or try to sell them.
    It’s hard to let go the memories which I hold in material objects.

  21. Hi John

    Hornby Dublo holds a good value over here in the UK. The little 8th peices of sraight track works out at about 6 CAD. The CPR sets are pretty rare over here so even slightly play woen ones still hold a few hundred CAD’s. if you sign up here http://vectis.co.uk/Page/Index.aspx then you might be able to find a CPR set and see what price it went for in auction. Vectis is a big auction house and normally seems to have good stuff.

    I have the same memorys of playing with all of my dads stuff when i was little around 20 years ago, he’s still got all of it know the value it holds, also theres the sentimental value to which i feel for him is great than the sale value

    Feel free to email the pictures over

  22. I’d be happy to let you have a look, but I’ve searched your site and cannot find a contact link or email address to send to or upload area with other photo’s.

  23. Hello I have a Hornby Dublo 3-Rail EDG3 Canadian Pacific Freight Set given to me as a boy. What would it be worth. There are also extra rail cars, extra track and a Triang railway station. Thanks, TR

  24. Wow..I just found a CPR tender and caboose at a garage sale last month. I,m glad I got them. They were in a box with some other Bachmann type railroad pieces.

  25. I was given this CPR set about 50 years ago. It was packed away in 1985 and took it out today still runs but I am planning to let it go. Not sure how though.

  26. Hi Bill

    You can always send it over to the UK to me, knowing it will be in a collection and well looked after.

  27. Hi Rory. Great website! I have a CPR loco bought in Canada minus tender. I heard the locos were often sold separately to the tenders and the chap I purchased the loco from said he didn’t like the unrealistic 6 wheel tender so didnt buy one and instead used an 8 wheel tender from a US manufactured loco. I believe the 6 wheel tender issue may have contributed to the poor sales of the CPR loco. Do you know how many CPR locos were made in the end? Cheers, David

  28. Hi David

    i guess they just used the same chassis for the tender as they did for other loco’s, maybe it was an over sight by Hornby to not produce an accurate model of the Tender. I’m not sure how many where made, but i’ve only ever seen 1/2 in the flesh.

    Do you have a layout

  29. Hi Rory and all.
    I posted earlier in this thread about my childhood CPR set and how much I want to get hold of another one. I’m feeling quite envious of all the people who have told us they have one!

    With regard to their value, as Rory says, the Vectis site demonstrates how much they go for. Rory says a mint one went for £190. I missed that!! I think this is the low end of the market. For goodness sake don’t be tempted into parting with one without dealing through a reliable web site or intermediary. Actually it is the same for any Hornbydublo bits.

    In actual fact, I am in two minds about the prices that Hornbydublo are fetching. On the one hand, the prices are becoming a bit above what I feel I should be paying for what after all, is simply a self gratifying past time. But if the prices were not what they are, then there would be little incentive for the sellers and traders to get involved and find the various trucks, engines and track that I want and don’t have the time or ability to hunt down myself. It is the rare ones that fetch the silly prices. The dreaded market forces – but it will always be so.

    If you look at the prices relative to what they originally cost and took inflation into account, most of the 2nd hand HD components are still slightly below the cost of present day model train prices. I personally am quite happy with that. It just so happens that the loco I really really want is one of the rarest!

    I almost managed to buy a cow catcher on Canadian e-bay just recently, but got outbid in ther last minute! I still intend to modify one of my Dutchess of Atholl and I have been on the lookout for a cow catcher. There have been a number of original pattern cow catchers produced, allowing replica CPR locos to be made, but I think people are worried about them being passed off as the real thing. I think my only solution will be to manufacture my own cow catcher. Watch this space. If this string is still going in a couple of years, maybe I will have a picture to show.

  30. Hi David

    I think that the Vectis site can possibly show bit of an untaped market, with prices as low as 190 for a CPR Set.

    It worth registering on the vectis site just so you can see how cheap some of the loco’s go for

    I haven’t been massively upto date with swapmeets in the past few years, but stuff liek the City of Liverpool another rare model, seem to have dropped in price. Another thing is track, the little 8th pieces i have seen at £4 and full length straights where closing in on £1.50, they could be more now. These sort of things soon add up i think my dad must have at least £2,000 in track and points alone, some is boxed some isn’t, but most of it is in good rust free condition.

  31. Hi Rory
    Yes, I think prices have dropped a bit recently. I think there may be more Hornby Dublo on the market at the moment. Maybe the greater activity of dealers is the cause. Maybe also, buyers are being a bit more informed about what they should be paying. I have a constant running search on e-bay for HD 3 rail but try not too buy much. My wife says I have enough! In my defence, I don’t smoke and don’t drink too much (my definition of “too much” anyway!) so Hornby Dublo is my only spending vice.

    I’ve just bought an Atholl body for £3 so that I don’t have to butcher my existing spare Atholl, converting it to CPR. If I mess it up, I still have my Atholl. So, watch this space!

  32. Hi Dave. i have a post on here about restoration. have a look i got an atholl changed to city of sheffield its cheaper than you think aswell. ebay can often find nice bargains

  33. I am not sure if anyone else owns this item but I own a CPR loco separate in its own box with a tender in a box as well, I know there are only a few in the world, Does anyone else have one?

  34. Hi David

    I think that they where available like this and as part of the set, both are pretty rare, more so in good condition

  35. Hi,

    Just bought a CPR 1215 in box. Looks like it is all in great condition and all the pieces seem to be there. What do you suggest we do…ebay, Christies, etc.


  36. I have an original 3 rail Canadian Pacific locomotive and tender, it was my father’s gift to me around ’57 or 8. It has been used by a child (me) and so not pristine. I would like to sell it and would love it to go to someone who is as enthusiastic as I was at 10… There is no box. Make me an offer? I can supply pictures if you are interested. I am in Vancouver, Canada.

  37. I have been asked to evaluate and disburse a CPR 1215 and associated track (about 70 pcs). I would really appreciate your input on this. I don’t know much about British outline model trains and 3 rail Dublo is a completely new thing to me.

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