Hornby Dublo 3-rail BR green (Gloss) A4 Class Loco No.60016 Silver King

Well i can remember that this is one of the few locos that my dad got when he was a kid. When i was little he only had 2 trians A little tank and this the A4 Pacific with 2 coaches. He had these 2 loco’s fora while and then he bought. The Great Western Region Bristol Castle, and from there it grew.

I know that he doesnt have the box for this set but i know that its complete. To say its not box its in pretty good good condition and so are the 2 coaches, i know that he hasn’t expanded on the coaches that come with the Silver King, but it does pull the Plum and Custard British Rail coaches well.

We’ve never really had nay problems with the Silver King. Hornby also did A Matt Model of the Silver King which is more rare and harder to come by, and it  seems to of eluded my dad for years. In Honesty there isn’t many left for him to get i can maybe only think of 8/.9 trains that he might need before he’s finished

It also was a regional train as it was based up in Gateshead for many years and was then transferred to Ferryhill in 1963, it was withdrawn from service in late 1965 and was scrapped by Motherwell Machinery & Scrap.

Here’s a photo of the Hornby Dublo EDP11 Passenger Train set.

Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDP11 Passenger Train set containing 4-6-2 BR green (gloss) A4 Class Loco No.60016 Silver King

Heres a Picture of it running upo in scotland.

A4 60016 "Silver King" at Stirling on the 07:10 Aberdeen - Glasgow 2nd April 1964.

7 thoughts on “Hornby Dublo 3-rail BR green (Gloss) A4 Class Loco No.60016 Silver King”

  1. i have a hornby silver king 60016 mat green in good condition could u tell me any think about it and what it is worth please

  2. Is it boxed or is it part of the set. any pics would help

    the matt silver kings arent common sight, and look nicer in my opinio

  3. Hello I have a Silver King locomotive with the coal carriages and also the two passenger ones, I have the track but it is on a board. How do I find out how much it is? I also have the book, but the front page is missing, it is not boxed. I also have a signal

  4. I have a Silver King 60016 Train set Boxed with carriages and track, Matt Green in good condition, can you tell me what it is worth please.

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