Hornby Dublo 3-Rail BO-BO D8000

This really is the train i love to hate. We have two BO-BO’s and in honesty they are both as bad as each other.  The bonus of having 2 is the fact you can couple them up and they run really well together. If you have a larger layout then we’ve found that putting and other controller to feed power around the 2nd half of the track pays dividends as theres no dip in power around the tack.

The BO-BO’s have a plastic body which makes them prone to jumping the tracks. to make up for this they have rubber tyres on the wheels which helps traction, since they don’t got at such higher speeds like the A4’s they can pull more.

I wanted a diesel engine for ages but dad always shyed away from getting one believing that diesel killed steam off, eventually i think he just gave up and bought 1 to keep me quite.

The BO-Bo’s where always a pain to get out of the boxes after a year in storage, they always ran really slow and you’d often find you need to run them for 10/15 minutes to almost warm them up, un full power they could be pretty slow, but would soon speed up.
Hornby Dublo 3-Rail BO-BO

Heres D8000 at York National Railway Muesuem

BO-BO D8000

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