Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3234 Co-Co BR Deltic Class Loco No.D9001 St Paddy

Well the St Paddy was probably one of the last Loco’s that got bought. Its from a long time contact within Hornby Dublo Circuit Stephen Middleton. I can remember at the time we had the choice of two locos The Barnstaple and this the 2nd Co-Co that Hornby did.

We’ve had vary bits from Stephen Middleton and he’s even re magnetized a few loco’s that was a big machine he had to do that.

I’m sure this cost around £250 but its in mint condition and really looks the part next to the standard Co-Co.

The St Paddy came with a Ringfield Motor and its pretty rare to come by one, so its nice that we’ve got one in the collection.

Here’s a picture of the model and below that is an actual image of the St Paddy in 1973 at Kings Cross

This has definitely been re magnetized as not long after we got it, it ran fine on our layout and then it got put away again for another year and it was so slow it was un-bearable and it got sent away to be sorted
Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3234 Co-Co BR two tone green Deltic Class Loco No.D9001 St Paddy

Deltic 9001 St Paddy Kings Cross 1973

4 thoughts on “Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3234 Co-Co BR Deltic Class Loco No.D9001 St Paddy”

  1. I Have a St-Paddy D9001 With box in good condition
    it has been in its box for years.
    After finding your web page, I put it on a power supply
    and yes it still runs ok.
    Please could you give me some idea of price ?

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