Hornby Dublo 3-Rail 3226 Loco No.46247 City of Liverpool

Hornbys City Of Liverpool is one of the Locos that i used rarely. I can remeber my father getting it, i’m almost certain it came from a litle shop in York very close to Ziggys Bar & Pub. It must of cost in the region of £350 – £400.

Due to its higher value and rarity it didnt get run as often as some of the other tains. But it was nearly always sat near the Duchess Of Montrose in the layout sidings.

The yellow piping on the bodywork really makes the City Of Liverpool stand out, i don’t think this ever got re magnatised, probably due to it not been used often and not pulling a full rake of coaches. I think at most it would pull 4/5 coaches compared to the Bristol Castle which would often be seen pulling 8/9 coaches.

Hornby Dublo 3-Rail 3226 4-6-2 BR Princess Coronation Class Loco No.46247 City of Liverpool

3 thoughts on “Hornby Dublo 3-Rail 3226 Loco No.46247 City of Liverpool”

  1. Still have my ” City Of Liverpool” 3-rail. Bought it
    brand new in `62. ( Don`t have the box anymore )

  2. Just aquired one in a Job Lot, its in excellent condition with its box and I will be running it from time to time.

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