Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3211 4-6-2 BR Green A4 Class Loco No.60022 Mallard

Well the Mallard, this was a train bought for me for a birthday present. Most people will be familiar with Mallard been Blue as that’s its livery in the National Railway Museum at York, but that’s its LNER livery.

We never had any major problems with this loco, it was always first out to make sure all the track was fine after dad had laid it and last to be put away as i wanted to use it.

I can remember it been re magnetised once, this happened when we got it out for a layout and it was awfully slow, unfortunately it just had to be put to one side until we could send it away to be sorted.

Only recently we found out it had the wrong tender, mine would appear to have the tender from Silver King but the matt Version, probably cock up when someone was playing with these trains and put the wrong tender away with my Mallard. So somewhere there is a Silver king with a Mallard Tender.

Below is a picture of a Mallard loco with the right Tender

Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3211 4-6-2 BR green A4 Class Loco No.60022 Mallard

Mallard was in service until 1963 where it had covered a staggering 1.5 million miles, London to Perth in Western Australia is only 9,000 miles.

Mallard holds the speed reord for a steam powered train at 125.88 MPH, its one of a few A$’s that where built with a double Chimney check out a Silver King Model and double Kylchap blastpipe, which made for better exhaust flow at speed. When mallard Broke the speed record it was only 5 months old, so it was run in nicely but not overly loose like some of the older A4’s.

For some reason Mallard went through 12 boilers in her working career, something that is strange yet rings home to me is boiler number 3 8907 which came from Silver King and was fitted 1 August 1946.

Strangely enough i have seen more A4’s an any other train.

Mallard At Yorks National Train Museum

Sir Nigel Gresely i saw running near Grosmont

And Remembering rightly i’ve seen Union of South Africa.

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