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Spamy SMS Messages

+447506092556 or 077506092556

with the following message

“Hi, if i could show you a way of earning a true passive income (do the job once and still keep getting paid for it later) with a major British PLC company, would you be interested ?

If you’re answer is yes, just reply wiht your email address and i will send you the information.


Chris Healing”

I thought i’d seen it all with dating and random spam txt’s but this one really takes the buscuit

New inkjet Cartridges Or New Printer

Going back a few months i purchased a Canon pixma 2600, its just a cheap £35 printer that i use occasionally and today it decided to run out of ink. I don’t mind using compatible cartridges (refilled ones) but they can cause problems which i have experienced in the past.  So i thought id get some prices of original canon cartridges and some compat’s.
Ok here are the prices

Original Canon PG40 Black Ink Cartridge £18.69
Canon PG40 Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge £16.49

Ok only £2 in it so naturally i would go for the genuine cartridge, colour carts are normally slightly more expensive.

Original CL41 3 Colour Ink Cartridge £23.59
Canon CL41 Remanufactured 3 Colour Ink Cartridge £17.49

£6 difference between the 2 colour cartridges.

So roughly your looking at £43 before delivery.

I know this isnt very eco friendly but i did think about the cost of a new printer, a quick look at argos i found a few printers that i could get for under £30

Canon MP140 Colour Printer, Scanner and Copier

HP DJ1560 Inkjet Printer

To be honest i’m just going to buy a new one, and i’ll probably opt for the canon as i know that HP did short fill there cartridges when they bundled with new printers.

It really does nagg me that buying a new printer is cheaper than buying cartridges, but i’m not going to buy a expensive printer for the odd few sheets i print out a month.

Image Results In A Google Search

Do Google think i’m stupid.

I don’t need a Image results loading into the search results, if i want to look at images of a Focus RS then i’ll jolly well click on the image tab at the top of the page and browse through the images there.

It would be great if there was an option to turn this off but i really cant find it, I don’t mind Shopping results though

Google Image Results

Google Image Results

Pets At Home Ripon / Harrogate

Ok to go to my closest Pets At Home store, i have to trvael to Harrogate, which in fairness is only about 15 minutes down the road, but its just such a ball ache to get there. It would be a certain hit if there was a Pets At Home store in Ripon, i can think of at least 3 places where they could have a larger store if not a super store.

The Ripon Pet Shop is ok but they have a limited stock and Pets At Home just seems nice, and the bloke there always seems to remember me.

If we got a Pets At Home in Ripon it would pretty much close down our local pet shop as it has the monopoly of Ripon at the moment, but you cant fit more than 5 people in the shop and i would love to have more browsing space and products to choose from.

I can go to Cascade Koi which is only about 5 minutes away from me but the prices seem slightly higher.

Pets At Home

Pets At Home

Car Insurance Traders Policy’s

In February i’m due to renew my car insurance, but since i do a bit of car valeting, it would of been handy to be able to drive other cars so a Traders policy would of been handy. But due to been under 25 the cost was just to high.
So hopefully this year the traders policy should be alot cheaper i was quoted over £1000 last year and was told i could be paying around £500 with a car value of around £24,000.

I did a quote yesterday and it came out at £1500. they cna jump for that much.

Hopefully it will be near the the £500 mark Oh and it must cover a quad bike.

Notice of Underreported Income Email Scam

I’ve recieved about 10 of these crappy spam emails today. and the message is as follows.

Taxpayer ID: rory-00000368522941UK
Issue: Unreported/Underreported Income (Fraud Application)

Please review your tax statement on HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website (click on the link below):

review tax statement for taxpayer id: rory-00000368522941UK”  (this bit is usually the link)

HM Revenue and Customs

Clearly my tax payer id isnt Rory, and if you do click on the link you’ll get a fraudenlent site warning.