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Leeds united are selling or giving away fan telephone numbers.

Just had a call from Leeds United Insurance Services or calling from Sheffield of all places how cheeky.

0114 2565286 was the number that called me and i asked how they got my number and although Ken Bates wasn’t mentioned in person they did say if i’ve bought tickets from Leeds United then this is why im getting the call.

Rant over

How easy is it to get your Credit / Debit Card cloned

Well recently i’ve seen a few instances where my debit card could very easily of been cloned. Recently we went to Knaresborough swimming pool and we needed a token for the locker and the guy behind the counter said well you can leave your credit card with us or your car keys.

If i’d of left my card it could oh so easily of been cloned.

I’d like to think that there aren’t card cloners working at Knaresborough swimming pool but if there was i bet they could easily clone loads of cards.

Paying Attention To Luggage Limits

So we flew out of Leeds Bradford airport with 2 cases and in total they weighed 31.8kgs so 1.8kgs over our limit but the Lady behind the counter was fine with this and off we went.

Comming back we flew back from Plama and our cases weighed 32kgs and the guy decieded that we needed to pay £12 per kg extra that we where over. Although we where only 200G’s extra. i know the rules are the rules but 2kg’s over the limit and 200G’s extra than we came with.

So its probably best to weigh your cases at the hotel aswell just incase.

Why Mobile Phone Shops Baffle Me

My orange phone contract is up for renewal in January 2012, but they’ll allow me to upgrade early in October 2011.
I went into a main high street branded shop to check when i could get a new phone. They quickly stated it was October 2011. Then the guy said give me a minute off he scuttled innto the back room and came out and said i can do you a new contract today. But there was a few things to mention

1: £125 would be the cost to buy my self out of my contract.

2: I would need to trade in my Samsung i5800 for £70.

Strange thing is my phone only cost me £80 around 4 months ago.  but this still left me with £55 to buy out of my contract. I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy S not the new II version though. The contract was going to give me 1200 minutes and unlimeted texts, even though i told the guy that i only needed around 500 minutes.

I stat there for a while and said that i wasn’t keen on having to still pay £55 to get out of my contract. He went away again then came back and said, if i give you £125 for your Samsung i5800 this will let you buy yourself out of your contract., but i can only do this for today.

I tried to get the monthly payments down to £30 instead of £35 that he insisted on, but then he could only give me £30 for my phone.

Anyway i came away empty handed but if you stand firm i think that you can really screw these guys down if you don’t get confused with all the facts and figures

groves communications @ 01884 218608

Stop calling me, you pretended to be working with Orange, but you aren’t so fuck of you scaming cider drinking southerners.


for a heads up on Grove Comunication

Here’s a few bad items

” I myself have been landed with a phone I never asked for, be very careful when you are talking to these people… I never signed for any contract with them but have been billed from orange.

I have tried ringing them but have got no-where, I think Orange themselfs
have to take responsabilty for this company and find out whats going on.”  

“I get hassled by these idiots too, Duncan is real pain in the arse, bloody employees call you every 2 months, I keep telling them I’m in an 18 month contract which is true. Doesn’t stop them. They are as thick as pig s**t. I’m never doing business with these idiots. They may have stood a chance if they understood 18 months and contract in one sentence. Given them the benefit of doubt until they kept calling now I’ll never do business with them ever! I strongly suggest you don’t either. F*** wits”

Perfect Reflections Photography Review Poor Quality Photos

We got married on the 7th August and where recommended to Perfect Reflections Photography by a close friend. We went to see the team at Perfect Reflections in Northallerton (who have recently moved to Middlesbrough), and were really happy with them and loved how the pictures looked, so booked them straight away.

The wedding day came and went and everything went to plan. Until we saw the pictures on the Internet via If you don’t know what SmugMug is, then its a location on the net that is private and password protected, where you can view your wedding photos. As the last thing you want is 300 photos coming to you via e-mail.

When we browsed through the photos on SmugMug we saw that some where quite grainy, now i know a bit about this sort of thing and put it down to the pictures been compressed  so that they had a smaller file size, and makes uploading to SmugMug faster for Perfect Reflections.

This was mentioned to Perfect Reflections, and we where assured everything would be OK. Below you can see 2 images (Both the same) one is the normal size that is displayed on SmugMug and the other is a (Original) size, i guess that SmugMug may re size slightly to again keep file sizes down.


The noise and gaining can clearly be seen on the black jacket above.

This is the largest image that you can view on SmugMug and there’s even more noise that is noticeable.

Below is a 100% crop of me IE its the full size image just with me selected. (Click for full size)

Rory 100% Crop

So you ask what the differences are. Both cameras are Digital SLRS with 12mega pixel sensors so image difference should be minimal.

1. The Photo of me (Above) was shot using a Nikon D90 at ISO 6400

2. The below image was shot by me using my Canon 450D Digital SLR on a fully automatic setting.  The guy was walking past at the time as well, so he’s a moving object.  It was shot at ISO 400

Example 100% crop

You can clearly see the difference in the quality. The issue is clearly the higher ISO setting. Below is a brief description of ISO noise taken from

“All Digital camera suppers from a common malady, called “High ISO noise”. What does it mean is, if you select a higher ISO speed for your sensor, your will get some extra digital noise signal.

Noise manifests like tiny colored specs scattered all over the picture area. It is kind of like getting grains when you use high-speed films. This happens due to the fact Image sensor cells produce electron charge over time and depending on the temperature. Cooler the temperature, lesser the noise, higher the temperature, higher the noise. Unfortunately, even in normal ambient temperature, the existing image sensors produces appreciable amount of charges to degrade the image at low light and / or longer exposure.

In technical term this is also called Dark count and Dark noise of the sensor.”

I have spoken to Dan who took the pictures on the day, and he said “the cameras had been for a service and the settings had been changed, unfortunately i didn’t check the settings before the wedding shoot” Dan did offer us a 10″ x 15″ canvas as compensation, but this is a pretty small size and in a value of compensation

We decided not to go for an album, and buy the copyright free discs so that we can have the full sizes images to do with as we please. but we received a letter around a fortnight ago saying that Perfect Reflections generally don’t edit any images once the copyright discs have been received. Although they would make an exception for us.

We have been refunded the full cost of £150 for the copyright discs, but in the attached letter it said that the images had been altered to make them slightly better, although it appears that they are still as the camera took them, as i can tweak them in Photoshop CS5 and they look better. Although these still aren’t the quality images that we would expect from professional photographers like Perfect Reflections.

Every time we call were told that some one will call us back that day with some help and answers but it never happens.

Not to check a camera that has been serviced before a shoot is a big mistake to make, and in our opinion has ruined what could have been lovely photos taken by Perfect Reflections.

Its clear to me that the poor quality of photo is down the the high ISO speed, and this can never be rectified fully. We feel that refunding us for the copyright discs £150 is a very easy way out for Perfect Reflections, and feel that we should have the images sorted to the best that they can be and a full refund as it has been almost 4 months since our big day, and that day will never happen again.

This might be a complete one off, but this is my encounter with Perfect Reflections Photography.

Mcdonalds Ripon : I’m Not Loving It

Out of sheer frustration i really hope someone from Mcdonalds read this.

About a fortnight ago i went for  drive through meal, when i got home i discovered i’d got someone else’s order. Firstly i don’t know how they manage to cock stuff up as they write the last 3 letters of you numberplate on the receipt. This is suppose is a fool proof plan to stop people getting the wrong orders, only it doesn’t work. I went back and got my order only they’d been keeping it warm on top of the chip heater thing and it was awful to eat to say the least. I reckon my food was sat there at least 10 minutes

Anyway i went last night placed my order waited in the grill bay which i don’t mind if my order is right, some young lady come out tries to give me someone else’s order before another employee comes out saying that that order was for the car next to me and his order was for me.
Surprise surprise its the wrong order again when i get home. Furiously i stormed back up top Mcdonalds and said thay I’d got the wrong order. The guy that served me was the guy that told me to park up. He seemed understanding that I’d got the wrong order and said he’d get it sorted. Also i got a free mcflurry off manager dude lewis which was kind of not to bad. 5 minutes later i got my order and a sorry your order was wrong and i hope it doesn’t happen again (which it probably will) oh and a free VALUE meal voucher.

I don’t know how Mcdonalds in Ripon can be so slack i mean, I’ve been to ones in London where its packed and they get loads of orders and they don’t cock it up, even harrogate doesn’t fudge everything up.

In honesty if Burger King was still on the A1 I’d go there instead because Mcdonalds in Ripon needs to shape up or shit out.