Go Karting Can Picafort

While on holiday at Can Picafort I headed over to the local Go Kart track.

Go-Karting-Can-Picafort-Adult-KartI only paid 20 euro’s to have a go so I think I got around 10 laps and this was in one of their slower adult karts. But it was a pretty nice track to drive on and had a good mixture of flat out corners in the kart i was in, and then a few slower more complexed corners. The only down side was the second to last corner which seemed to have a slight rise and would result in a bit of a bump of you went in to tight. It would of been good to use the part of the track around the back of the garages as this offered 2 nice longs straights, but due to it been out of sight i guess it means more staff.

I was really impressed as the helmet i used was pretty clean and new looking and didn’t smell all sweaty like some karting places in the UK, another reason why I take my own helmet. Even all the karts where pretty clean and tidy with no major marks of battle damage on them.

Can Picafort Go Karting GarageWhen we left we had to walk through the garage to get to the mini bus and it was immaculate. There was at least 100 brand new helmets all in boxes waiting to be used. The floor didn’t have one oil stain on it and there was at least 2 karts that had there engines in bits and where on pit stands.
The Can Picafort Go Karting circuit was only 10 minutes down the road from my hotel which was at the center of Can Picafort. They even picked us up and dropped us of on their own mini bus.

Can Picafort Go Karting BarThere was a nice little cafe on site which was packed with photos of F1 legends like Schumacher, Hakkinen, Senna and Hill I don’t think I could see the walls for the pictures.

If I was to go to the Go Karting Can Picafort circut again then i would try and go for one of the faster karts as i just felt mine lacked that bit of power. The Fast karts have 25HP and do 120KMH compared to mine which did 75 KMH and had 7HP. If I had the option whilst i was there to upgrade then I think I would of done as i seem to remember that the cost wasn’t much.

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