Since we’ve now got 2 lawns to mow we use a petrol mower and cut around once a week in summer. I cut it last about a fortnight ago hoping that might do until after Christmas, but I’ve got a feeling it might want cutting again soon. When i cut it last it was dry to touch but the mower failed badly at picking it up once cut, so i’m probably going to end up cutting it again if we get a good dry week.

The thing that the garden is missing like Rhododendrons Daffodiles and other varying plants. But i really doubt i could be bothered looking after them even though they would add some nice colour.

We’ve got a cherry tree over hanging our garden and it drop’s cherrys so badly, it just makes a mess of the lawn. In Honesty i never cut it that neatly and if it was my lawn i’d like it perfect but hey ho. The mower we’ve got is quite old but its got a good engine that runs sweet as a nut, as it Briggs & Stratton 5HP.

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